Lang Dental debuts Jet Mach 4 fast-setting tooth shade acrylic

Feb. 1, 2010
Jet Mach 4 has a final set time of four minutes.

WHEELING, Illinois--Dave Lang, president of Lang Dental Manufacturing, has announced the introduction of Jet Mach 4, a fast-setting tooth shade acrylic.

Jet Mach 4 offers the same physical properties and clinical advantages (durability, ease of trim and finishing, color stability) of Jet Tooth Shade Acrylic with one significant improvement.

Mach 4 has a final set time of four minutes--more than two times the speed of set associated with conventional methyl methacrylate provisional materials. With a one- to two-minute working time, chair time utilization is significantly improved. This speeds the procedure without sacrificing the quality of materials or patient care.

Jet Mach 4 is available in six shades--OM1, A2, C2, D3, A3.5, and clear.

Additionala dvancements are expected to be announced throughout 2010 and beyond.

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