Vident employee promoted

Feb. 4, 2010
Gil Villavecer named vice president, business development.

BREA, California-- Gil Villavecer has been recently promoted to vice president, business development at Vident.

In his new role, the ong-time Vident employee will be responsible for building relationships and negotiating agreements with lab and dental practice groups. In addition, he will be in charge of working with Vident sales reps and region managers to drive sales at individual labs and dental groups. Conducting research and developing objectives for other potential business partners will also be an important goal.

Prior to his recent promotion, Villavecer worked in various capacities for Vident, including positions as region manager, director of sales and most recently, director of business development.

Villavecer worked with major clients on the lab and clinical sides to assist them in business growth, productivity, and profitability.

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