BIOLASE announces global launch of personal laser for dental market

Feb. 25, 2010
iLase is a wireless, self-contained laser designed to perform a full range of minimally invasive soft-tissue and hygiene procedures.

IRVINE, California--BIOLASE Technology, a dental laser company, has announced the global launch of the iLase™ diode laser.

The iLase is a personal laser for dentists and hygienists designed to perform a full range of minimally invasive soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. The iLase was introduced at the 2010 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

In its entirety, the iLase is about the size of a large pen, and has five watts of power. The iLase, along with two batteries, can be transported in a carrying case the size of an eyeglasses case. It is a self-contained, hand-held dental laser that includes the laser, user interface, battery power, and controls in a single, integrated handpiece. No foot pedals or cords are attached.

The iLase is also controlled by a patent-pending finger switch on the laser handpiece, which eliminates the need for a foot control pedal. It also uses BIOLASE's proprietary ComfortPulse control that lets clinicians adjust the laser for maximum patient comfort and cutting speed.

"The iLase is like no other instrument I have ever used," said David Eshom, DDS, a general cosmetic dentist based in San Diego. "It looks great and works wonderfully. You don't have to look for a foot pedal as you are trying to reach different parts of the mouth. You just point and shoot."

BIOLASE Chief Executive Officer David M. Mulder said, "BIOLASE is the market leader in dental lasers. Now with the iLase, we have the best entry-level laser, and the only truly personal laser in the world for both hygienists and dentists. You can literally put everything you need in your pocket for hours of use. This new laser is a revolutionary breakthrough. It changes everything. We have found many dentists and hygienists, who have not used lasers before, are all suddenly clamoring for a chance to try and own an iLase in offices where they were being tested. We have also found that after learning about the iLase, there is a renewed interest in finding out more about the total diode solution in the ezlase and the best soft tissue (and hard tissue) lasers in the world, the Waterlase line.

"A clinician can easily carry all the components of the laser in one hand and you don't have to plug it into a power outlet," Mulder added. "That's why we call it the first 'personal' laser. There is nothing on the dental laser market like it, and we expect the device to significantly improve workflow in the dental suite by making it easier than ever for any dentist and hygienist to bring laser technology to any patient."

Craig H. Rubinoff, DDS, MS, a periodontist with Rancho Bernardo Periodontics, said the iLase "feels very balanced in my hand. It feels very ergonomic. We can do everything that can be done with other soft-tissue lasers with this, and not having the foot pedal is amazing."

Clearance of the iLase by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is pending. Once cleared for the market, the iLase--including handpiece, shroud, batteries, and standard accessories--will be offered at a competitive price.

The iLase has 10 pre-set soft tissue and hygiene procedures at the simple push of a button, including gingivectomy, troughing for crown procedures and sulcular debridement, and a procedure for cleaning between gums and teeth for the treatment of periodontal disease.

The iLase and the ezlase share a comprehensive set of 25 FDA-cleared soft tissue and hygiene procedures. For a full diode solution, the ezlase goes beyond the basic iLase with 20-minute teeth whitening and FDA-cleared pain relief functions.

Mulder continued, "iLase represents a new category for both BIOLASE and for the industry. A self-contained laser tool is something our customers have asked for and we are pleased to be the first to deliver it. No other dental laser company devotes anywhere near the resources we do to Clinical R&D and Engineering. We are looking forward to rolling out iLase with Henry Schein, Inc., and our other global distribution partners as soon as it receives regulatory clearance."

BIOLASE will demonstrate the iLase at Booth #4619 throughout the Chicago show. A preview video of the iLase can also be viewed at BIOLASE.

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