KODAK digital radiography systems selected

Sept. 14, 2007
New agreement will transform Heartland Dental Care practices into digital practices, offering higher levels of efficiency in patient care.

ATLANTA, Georgia--Heartland Dental Care and PracticeWorks, Inc., the
exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, have signed an agreement for Heartland Dental Care to bring the benefits of digital imaging to the company's numerous dental practices.

The company will utilize KODAK RVG 6100 Digital Radiography Systems, LOGICON Caries DetectorTM Software, and KODAK 8000 Digital Panoramic Systems.

"We are pleased that our affiliated dentists are offering patients the latest advances in dental imaging technology to help achieve their goal of continuously improving the level of care provided to their patients" said Dr. Rick Workman, CEO of Heartland Dental Care. "Heartland Dental patients will benefit significantly from this new digital technology."

Best Sensor Quality, Improved Caries Detection Heartland Dental Care performed extensive research before selecting KODAK Digital Products for their 200 dental practices.

Heartland chose the KODAK RVG 6100 sensor because it offers the highest image quality available, a more comfortable patient experience due to a new sensor design and a new size 0 sensor.

In addition, it allows for lower radiation exposure. Heartland also selected LOGICON Caries Detector Software to assist their dentists in the difficult task of detecting proximal caries.

A clinical study shows that the software enabled dentists to find 20% more cases of caries penetrating into the dentin of permanent teeth than they were able to find without LOGICON Software.

The newest version of the software, version 4.0, includes a training wizard that makes it easier to learn the software and automated tools that reduce the ime it takes to obtain results.

More information can be found at Heartland Dental Care.