PreViser, Delta Chakir partner in Israel

Feb. 15, 2006
Companies to provide oral disease risk assessment.

MOUNT VERNON, Washington--PreViser Corporation (, a Washington State-based provider of patented oral disease risk assessment software technology to the dental industry, has announced the finalization of a licensing agreement with Delta Chakir, Ltd., sole distributor for Kodak Dental System in Israel, to market PreViser technology to dentists and dental insurers within Israel.

Delta Chakir will have responsibility for the translation of PreViser's
assessment report language provided to patients and dentists into the Hebrew language, and will initially focus their marketing efforts on dental insurers seeking to implement practical disease management strategies in the structure of new dental insurance policies.

Zvi Chakir, General Manager of Delta Chakir, said, "The use of PreViser
technology by the Israeli dental community will revolutionize oral health care in my country. We are extremely excited about the potential for coordinating the use of Kodak digital imaging equipment with PreViser's risk and disease analysis tools. We believe the marriage of these two technologies will result in streamlined treatment planning, faster claims processing by insurers, and healthier patients. This is a win-win situation for all involved."

Carl Loeb, Chief Executive Officer of PreViser, noted that "Delta Chakir is
well positioned to help create a new paradigm for dentistry in Israel. We believe this venture may serve as the model for similar implantations of our technology in other nations worldwide. We are very pleased to be able to partner with Delta Chakir in this effort."

Launch of the Hebrew version of PreViser's technology (the Oral Health
Information Suite) is expected to occur during the second quarter of 2006.

PreViser Corporation provides web-enabled diagnostic decision support tools
for dentists and dental hygienists. The PreViser Oral Health Information Suite enables quick, accurate, reproducible and objective diagnosis in an easy-to-understand format for the dental professional and the patient.

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