Delta Dental Patients Can Now Check Status of Claims Online

June 11, 2004
Web-Based Program Makes Tracking Easier for Enrollees, Dentists

Enrollees in Delta Dental Insurance Company's indemnity and PPO dental programs can now check the status of their claims online via a new web-based service.

Through a secure connection, enrollees may view their claims
status by visiting and clicking on the "Online Services" link on the home page. This will direct users to a page where they may select either eligibility and benefits information or claims information. From there they enter a username and password, or register to do so.

"This new service enables enrollees as well as dentists to track
the status of their claim, see what services were submitted and how much was paid," said Robert Elliott, president of Delta Dental
Insurance Company. "While we have long offered online access to
benefits and eligibility information, this new online tool will be
useful to dental offices interested in tracking their claims, as well
as to enrollees interested in the status of and/or details about their claims."

Other online services available at the web site include
downloadable claims forms and a dentist directory for each of DeltaDental's dentist networks. The company's web site also provides access to oral health and wellness information, Delta Dental program descriptions and other useful information and links.