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QDP launches innovative online resource

July 12, 2011
Online resource enables dentists to ensure access to dental care for patients without insurance.
PORTLAND - Quality Dental Plan (QDP), a leading provider of family friendly, in-house dental membership plans for independent dentists across the country, today announced the launch of its new website just for dental professionals at so that more dentists across the country can increase access to care for their patients without dental insurance.

“We are so proud to launch, as we know that it will enable even more doctors to increase access to dental care in their communities by offering Quality Dental Plan to their patients. Rather than lining the pockets of insurance companies and their executives, QDP brings value to dental patients and puts dentists back in charge of their own fee schedules. We know that this website will serve to change the way dentists think about dental plans,” according to Dr. Dan Marut, founder of Quality Dental Plan. offers member and non-member dentists a host of resources to learn more about how private dental practices across the country can improve their bottom line and increase their productivity while providing dental benefits directly to patients through QDP’s flexible dental membership plans. Dentists can visit the site to browse exclusive members-only tools and content, view informative videos, and read QDP’s dynamic dental industry blog, which focuses on emerging trends in the profession.

Quality Dental Plan has been praised by its members and in the press. The new website will offer QDP dentists the ability to see how the program has succeeded in other practices. The site will also highlight how QDP’s message to patients – that dental insurance isn’t the only way to “belong” in a dental practice – is being positively received and promoted in the media.

QDP member dentists’ practices have been featured in health and lifestyle stories in a variety of news media outlets, with the ultimate message that QDP dentists truly care about making dentistry more accessible and affordable for their patients.

At, independent dental practitioners can learn how they can offer their patients a comprehensive package that includes all preventive care for the year as part of a preset, up-front annual membership fee. Quality Dental Plan also allows for extensive program customization, as well as family and employer discounts. Each dental office controls all aspects of the QDP plan, including membership fees, and allows dentists to remain in charge of their fee schedules.

“QDP enables independent dentists the ability to offer an affordable alternative to dental insurance, which can cost thousands of dollars for minimal benefits,” said Dr. Marut. “Patients who join QDP are more likely to remain loyal to the practice, refer others without insurance, and return more regularly because they’ve effectively prepaid for a year’s worth of preventive care.”

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