Release of DENTRIX 11 to enhance paperless practice

Feb. 28, 2005
Product features a new inventory manager, which can tell a practice the remaining quantity of any given item or provide a quick shopping list that will replenish inventory.

Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc., has announced the release of DENTRIX 11, the newest upgrade to the dental professional's most popular practice management system. DENTRIX 11 implements features to enhance the ultimate high-tech, paperless practice.

The upgrade includes the ability to standardize provider functionality, combine insurance plans, purge used insurance benefits, and perform a global update of all treatment plan fees.

Robust capabilities have also been incorporated to help a practice with their efforts to be HIPAA-ready. This release allows a practice to record all login attempts, update to mandated CDT-5 codes, self-service password administration, and export file handling that could contain PHI (protected health information).

"The new features and enhancements we've added with this release comprise the right combination of elements for total practice management harmony," said Jeff Harmon, Sales Director of Dentrix Dental Systems.

DENTRIX 11 also debuts the exclusive Inventory Manager. The Inventory Manager provides absolute control over disposable supplies. With every completed procedure done within DENTRIX, the Inventory Manager automatically tracks consumed materials. As a result, at any given time, the Inventory Manager can tell a practice what supply is left of any given item or provide a quick shopping list that will replenish the inventory. With one click of a mouse the shopping list can then be fulfilled through Sullivan-Schein Dental's online ordering.

"There is no product available that can manage inventory so quickly and efficiently and we are thrilled with the ability to provide this to our customers," said Matt Hawkins, Vice President of Dentrix Dental Systems,

Suggestions from Dentrix customers have also been incorporated into the release including the ability to have multiple insurance ID's per insurance plan, supernumerary tooth numbering, inactivation of a provider or staff member option, time clock module updates, and more. DENTRIX 11 includes 1,200 enhancement suggestions from Dentrix customers�demonstrating the company's commitment to it's customers.

As with previous releases of DENTRIX, version 11 provides seamless integration with Dentrix's Digital Dental Office (DDO) technology that includes award-winning imaging software, the top-rated intraoral camera, and the most fully integrated digital x-ray system available.

All DENTRIX customers subscribed to a current maintenance agreement will automatically receive this new upgrade to DENTRIX.

For more information on the release of DENTRIX 11, contact Dentrix Dental Systems at 1-800-DENTRIX, or visit the official Dentrix web site at