United Concordia launches online dental health center

April 21, 2008
Smile for Health Dental Health Center highlights importance of oral health to overall health.

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania--National dental insurer United Concordia has unveiled the Smile for Health Dental Health Center on the company's Web site, United Concordia.

The center empowers consumers to take charge of their oral health. Informative dental health brochures, articles and children's pages--available online--stress the importance of good dental hygiene, dentist visits and the growing number of studies that link dental disease with certain health conditions.

"United Concordia is committed to improving the oral and overall health of our members," said Dr. Richard P. Klich, United Concordia's national dental director. "The Smile for Health Dental Health Center provides members with tools and knowledge that can be used to make informed decisions about their oral and overall health."

United Concordia introduced its dental health center in response to recent studies suggesting a link between increased oral bacteria and a number of physical conditions, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease and preterm births.

"Good oral health is paramount to overall health," said Dr. Klich. "Our goal is to make dental health information readily available, fun and understandable, while encouraging our members to focus on their daily oral care in order to decrease their risk of dental disease and benefit their overall health."

Consumers can access Smile for Health Dental Health Center brochures on the oral and systemic health connection, as well as general dental health articles, kids' activity pages and more, by visiting the company's Web site, and clicking on Smile for Health Dental Health Center.

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