Data shows Delta Dental continues to offer large nationwide network

Jan. 12, 2009
Delta Dental's network of 123,000 dentists is more than 62,000 dentists than the next closest national competitor, report indicates.

OAK BROOK, Illinois--A new report shows that Delta Dental maintains the largest network of dentists in the nation, a position the nation's largest dental benefit system has held for more than five decades.

The report by NetMinder, an independent firm that provides data on providers and managed care networks to the health-care industry, indicates that the Delta Dental network has more than 123,000 dentists. This totals more than 62,000 dentists than the next closest national competitor.

"Having the largest network of dentists in the nation is tremendously important because it offers cost savings to employers and employees through negotiated discounts, as well as convenience to our 51 million subscribers," said Kim Volk, president and CEO of Delta Dental Plans Association. "Our network helped employers save more than $6 billion in decreased claims costs last year."

Additionally, Delta Dental's network is locally developed and controlled exclusively by its member companies, said Volk.

Delta Dental offers comprehensive benefits packages that combine cost-saving managed care features with flexible plan designs. Enrollees realize significant out-of-pocket savings from its "no balance billing" provision.

Under this provision, dentists in the Delta Dental network accept negotiated fees as payment in full, and can't pass costs along to patients for any differences between submitted charges and the charges allowed under Delta Dental's contractual agreements. Enrollees seeking services from network dentists only have to pay deductibles and copayments required by their plans.

In addition to maintaining the largest network in the country, Delta Dental also regularly audits its network to ensure that all participating dentists meet comprehensive credentialing standards.

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