Sultan Chemists announces acquisition

Nov. 18, 2005
Company has acquired Sultan Dental Products Ltd., a New Jersey-based manufacturer of professional preventive products.

Sultan Chemists, Inc. has acquired Sultan Dental Products Ltd., a New Jersey based manufacturer of professional preventive products.

Sultan Chemists will combine all sales, marketing, operations and supply chain functions with their existing operations in Englewood, New Jersey.

Paul Seid, President of Sultan Chemists commented, "This acquisition will deliver to our customers faster delivery, expanded field support, single contact for purchasing and shipping and more focused marketing and sales activities. Herb Wolfe's pioneering efforts with Sultan Dental have positioned the company for considerable growth and future success. Our friendship has been a hallmark of my years in the dental industry."

"For 28 years, Paul Seid and I have enjoyed an extraordinary partnership. I wish him well as we both pursue our interests in the dental industry," said Wolfe.

The focus on three businesses, Dental, Medical and International and four product groups, Dental, Medical, Infection Control, Preventives and Oral Pharmaceuticals will allow Sultan to become an even more valued supplier to healthcare professionals and to its distribution partners.

Sultan Chemists, founded in 1872, will now be home to the well-known brands GENIE Impression Material, PUREVAC Evacuation System Cleaner, PROSONIC Ultrasonics, COMFIT Face Masks, ASSURE Plus Sterilization Puches, SENSITEMP Temporary Cement, VERSATEMP Crown and Bridge Material, HYDROCAST Functional Impression Material, TOPEX Topical Anesthetic, TOPEX Fluorides, TOPEX ProphyPaste and UPGRADE Disposable Prophy Angles.