Laser marketing kit to include publicity services

Sept. 21, 2005
Lares PowerLase Laser purchasers will receive a free package of professional practice marketing tools.

Clinicians who purchase a Lares PowerLase Laser will now receive a free package of professional practice marketing tools that includes publicity services from Sakaduski Marketing Solutions, a national dental industry marketing firm.

Lares Research has contracted with Sakaduski Marketing to provide services to clinicians that want to enhance the perception of their practice and attract new patients by publicizing the fact that they have acquired a dental laser.

Sakaduski Marketing will work directly with Lares laser owners to customize and distribute press releases that promote the practices in the clinicians' local communities at no cost to the clinicians.

Upon the purchase of a Lares PowerLase Laser, clinicians will receive a folder containing sample press releases, newspaper advertisements, patient letters, a patient information sheet, and a direct mail letter, as well as tips for getting the most from their marketing efforts.

A representative from Sakaduski Marketing Solutions will contact the clinicians by phone to determine whether they wish to take advantage of the complimentary publicity services.

Clinicians will then be able to choose from among several press releases and provide information to customize the press release such as the practice name, location, and phone number.

Upon the clinician's approval, the firm will then distribute the release to local newspapers and other media in the clinician's area.

The Lares Laser Marketing Kit, including the free publicity services, is available to any U.S.-based clinician that purchases a Lares laser.