Imaging Sciences International selects flat-panel detectors for 3-D dental imaging system

April 15, 2005
State-of-the-art system from Varian Medical Systems offers excellent image quality at very low X-ray doses.

Varian Medical Systems, Inc. has announced that, under a two-year agreement, it will be supplying Imaging Sciences International, Inc., a global leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced dental and maxillofacial radiography products, with Varian's PaxScan® flat-panel digital image detectors for inclusion in Imaging Sciences' marquee product: the i-CAT™ Cone-Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System.

Imaging Sciences' i-CAT™ provides dentists and specialists around the world
with in-office, 3-D, digital imaging capabilities that enable them to plan
treatments, position implants, and perform other dental procedures using
images acquired at a lower radiation dose than is possible with more
expensive, higher-dose CT scanning techniques. This means higher quality
patient care is delivered at a lower cost.

The compact design and rapid image-acquisition capabilities of the PaxScan
detectors enable the i-CAT™ to capture 3-D images very quickly�typically
within 20 seconds.

The system provides dental professionals with immediate, 3-D digital reconstructions of a patient's mouth, face, and jaw areas, which can be viewed on a computer screen or printed out in full color.

"We originally developed our panels for cone-beam CT scanning applications
in radiation oncology simulation and for image-guided radiotherapy," said
Gary Okamoto, imaging products marketing manager for Varian Medical Systems.

"Our flat-panel image detectors generate highly-detailed images and offer
dentists excellent image quality, contrast, and spatial resolution at very
low X-ray doses."

"Varian stands out in the realm of digital X-ray imaging," says Edward
Marandola, vice president and general manager of Imaging Sciences. "They
have the best technology and a great R&D group. As patients increasingly
demand more sophisticated procedures, dentists can now use the i-CAT™ to
more accurately plan treatments and predict surgical outcomes. There are
approximately 30,000 dental offices in the U.S. alone that could use the
i-CAT 's advanced imaging technology to better serve their patients."

Varian's PaxScan image detectors are available in a variety of sizes and
have been incorporated into cardiac, angiographic, dental, and neonatal
medical imaging systems.