Lava Scan unveiled

March 7, 2006
New scanner will deliver increased productivity, flexibility, and control.

ST. PAUL, Minn.--3M ESPE has announced the development of the Lava Scan ST--a new scaner aimed at increasing productivity and adding flexibility to the Lava Crowns and Bridges System.

In addition, labs that purchase the stand-alone scanner bring in-house the ability to control the scanning and design portions of the CAD/CAM process.
These labs then electronically send files to one of the Authorized Lava Milling Centers in the nationwide Lava Network for milling and finishing.

3M ESPE plans to introduce the scanner by the end of 2006.

"Unlike competing systems with central milling centers, our nationwide network of Authorized Lava Milling Centers, and soon the launch of the stand-alone scanner, offer labs and dentists choices," said Jim Buchanan, 3M ESPE sales and marketing manager.

"The reputation of the Lava brand has been built on quality--in fit, strength and esthetics. Through our expanding Lava Network any lab or dentist has access to the quality of Lava crowns and bridges," he said.

Lava crowns and bridges are available to all dentists and their labs through a network of ALMCs throughout the United States.

3M ESPE warrants for five years from the date of placement that copings or substructures made out of Lava Frame Zirconia will not break if fabricated by an ALMC on Lava Equipment in strict compliance with approved indications and instructions for use for Lava Crowns and Bridges.

For more information, contact your 3M ESPE sales representative or call your ALMC. A full list of ALMCs is available on the company's Web site at