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How to take the perfect selfie to share on your dental practice social media

April 29, 2015
The selfie has become a part of everyday life, to the point where it's acceptable to use on your dental practice social media posts. But how to use selfies correctly and professionally so that you retain patient respect is important.

The self-portrait has been around for ages. As far back as the 15h century, artists during the Renaissance period painted self-portraits as a way to have control over their own image in the public arena, and commissioned portraits during that time period were considered a symbol of status in elite circles.

Things have certainly changed! What began as a time consuming, painted self-portrait has morphed into what we now call the selfie. Common practice since around 2010, the selfie has become so popular that the Oxford English Dictionary named it their Word of the Year in 2013. Go on any social media page on any given day and odds are good you’ll see selfies everywhere you look—some good, some not so good.

So what exactly does this trend mean to you and your dental practice? How can you use the selfie in your practice?

Professional selfies
By now you probably use social media to promote and expand your business, but it might seem a bit odd to include them on your social media pages. However, doing so can actually benefit your practice!

As a dentist, your patients might appreciate your skill and technique, but odds are you’re not their favorite person to visit. Allowing your patients to get to know you on a more human level encourages them to feel more comfortable while they’re in your chair, and sharing selfies of yourself on your professional pages can help make your patients feel more connected to you. By seeing you enjoying yourself in your professional setting, patients will begin to know a different and more personal side of you.

How to take the perfect selfie
As a dental professional, how can you take the perfect selfie to share on your social media pages? Here are some great tips to get you started.

Start with your smile
A great smile is, of course, the first step to taking a good picture. A good whitening and perhaps even a set of veneers will go a long way to give you the brightest smile possible. You take care of other people’s mouths all day, so don’t forget your own!
Pick the perfect background
When taking professional selfies, skip backgrounds that are too personal, such as your home, and avoid including anything that could be viewed as inappropriate. The best backgrounds for professional selfies are right in your office.
Bring in the right light
Good lighting is a key element to a good selfie. Dim rooms produceu dark and grainy images, while overly bright lights can leave you looking washed out. Choose soft lighting, preferably natural light during early morning or late afternoon.
Take off your phone cover
Although there is a small hole in smartphone covers for your camera lens, your photo will actually be clearer if you skip the cover altogether. Covers get caught in the camera’s periphery focus, which can dull your image.
Have fun!
Most of all, have fun with your selfies. All of the preparation in the world can’t replace the benefit of letting your personality shine through.

Your selfies should be an expression of who you are. You can use them to show what a day in the life of dentist is really like, or how much you and your staff enjoy working together. Any positive depiction of who you are and what you do will resonate with your patients, and might lead to some interesting conversations.

A graduate of Ohio State University, Angela Bateson, DDS, has been in practice since 1995. Since then, she’s been dedicated to providing her patients with exceptional dental care to fit every lifestyle and budget, and she is honored to have been named one of the Top 40 Dentists Under 40 by Benco Dental in the fall 2011 issue of Incisal Edge magazine. For more information, visit