YouTube 101, Part 2: Creating compelling marketing videos–it’s easier than you think

YouTube is a popular online destination for millions of people every day. Why not add your dental practice to YouTube so people can learn more about you and our staff? It's fun and easy, so get started!

Oct 27th, 2016
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YouTube is a popular online destination for millions of people every day. Why not add your dental practice to YouTube so people can learn more about you and our staff? It's fun and easy, so get started!

Video is one of the best ways to engage your audience, build a brand, and up your search engine rankings. In "YouTube 101: The basics of marketing," we shared the types of video content that resonates with potential and current patients.

In Part 2 we’ll share, step by step, how to create videos, from setting up your YouTube channel to editing the final cut. It might seem daunting, but it’s easier than you might think, and a fun project for you and your staff to work on together.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Because YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, a YouTube channel is automatically established along with your Google My Business account. To complete the setup, follow the menu in the upper left corner to “My Channel.”

Icon. Your channel icon should be distinctive to you and your practice—this could be a picture of you, your care team, or your practice logo. It should be visible at small sizes—YouTube recommends uploading an 800 x 800 px image, but it will appear at 98 x 98 px on your channel page.

Art. Your channel art will appear as the banner across the top of your channel page and should, like your profile picture, be distinctive to your practice. YouTube recommends uploading a 2560 x 1440 px image.

Description. Your channel description tells viewers about you and your practice. Let them know where you are, what kind of services you provide, and what makes your practice special. SEO rules apply, so be sure to include important keywords, including name, location, specialty, and the services you offer. Your description can be up to 1,000 characters.

Tools for Beginners

YouTube videos don’t require high-end, professional equipment. You can get started using equipment you already have on hand or can acquire easily and without great financial outlay.

Video. Your smartphone can produce perfectly adequate video in ideal shooting conditions. However, the inside of your office or treatment rooms do not qualify as ideal. For those shoots, a digital single-lens reflex camera can help you mitigate the lighting and color issues that arise from fluorescent lighting without resorting to heavy post-production work. Whether you’re using a phone or camera, you’ll want a tripod for stability in fixed shots, and your most steady-handed assistant for close-up procedures.

Audio. Even the highest-level cameras don’t provide high-quality audio with their onboard microphone. A lavalier microphone will clip directly to your shirt and is reasonably priced. Alternately, try the voice memo app on your phone (one that you aren’t using for shooting), held just out of frame, and edit it together.

Lighting. As mentioned above, good lighting can be tough inside an office. Multiple light sources help to eliminate unattractive shadows, so supplement (or if possible, replace) overhead lighting with floor or table lamps. One simple lighting set-up—two lights set above the subject’s eye line about three feet apart and six feet away, and another at waist level pointing at the background.

Editing software. Consumer-grade software like iMovie is affordable, easy to use, and sufficiently robust for most basic videos.

A slightly different view of Whitinsville Family Dentistry (1)

While it’s best to post as regularly as possible, it’s not necessary to stick to a single format. Start with an introduction video to embed on your practice’s website. Show a live-procedure video at a professional conference. Once you’re comfortable with the quality of your production, you could even pitch an informational video as a segment for the local news.

Don’t ignore the value of allowing your staff behind the camera (or iPhone) to show viewers a new perspective on the practice. It’s fun, creative, and gives everyone a chance to work on a project together, with the added bonus of engaging and bonding your team. Get started, and we can’t wait to see you on YouTube!

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Aylin Cook is the senior content marketing manager at PatientPop, an all-in-one practice growth platform for health-care providers, which numbers many dentists among its customer base. Aylin has nearly a decade in content marketing for small businesses, and enjoys building and engaging an audience through compelling storytelling across multiple media channels.

1. Whitinsville Family Dentistry Office Tour. Not your average dental office. Northbridge Dentist. Jason Tsubo YouTube channel. Published November 19, 2012. Accessed August 23, 2016.

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