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Updated Viva Referral Marketing System helps dental offices gain patients

April 29, 2013
The company has made the product even more attractive with bolder colors and new graphics.

Viva System, The Art of New Patient Acquisition, has just made its marketing and referral system bolder and more attractive. Cards are custom designed for each dental office and are unique to each office. Kevin Henry, managing editor of Dental Economics, was impressed with Viva's new look at the recent CDA spring session.

The Viva marketing system provides dental practices a streamlined way to improve patient acquisition, retention, reactivation, and treatment plan acceptance. Using a custom-designed patient referral card, internal tracking software, and innovative technology that communicates with smartphones, the Viva system is intended to take the guesswork out of marketing for dental practices.

VIva is an internal referral system that relies on employees giving a card that offers a free or low cost service to the customers, and telling the customer to give the card to another family member, friend, or someone they know who needs the service. The success of this system depends on word-of-mouth from individual to individual, who recommend or refer family members, friends, or associates for services that they have already experienced.

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“I don’t know where my practice would be without The Viva System. From the word go, I was getting in more patients at a lower cost than in the history of my practice. I can’t thank you guys enough," said Joel Benk, DDS, Atlanta Dental Center.

“In three months the Viva card promotions have brought us over 260 new patients. The team at Viva is efficient, responsive, and innovative. Everyone who picks up a Viva Referral card says, ‘wow’,” said Allison Atwood of Atwood Family Dentistry.
“We are getting out a lot of cards and I love the concept of the program," said Dr. Harry Roland, DDS. "We’ve had some success so far and I’m very happy. When the doctor is happy, it’s a good thing. Referrals are important!”

Components of the Viva System

> Viva Cards — The clear plastic referral cards that offer an incentive to the patient.
> Presentation cards — Appointment, thank you, reminder, birthday, and special occasion cards that the Viva cards are affixed to.
> Card reader — This reads the magnetic strip on the card, allowing you to track your results.
> Text to activate — This feature allows your office to be proactive in setting appointments with new patients, instead of waiting for patients to come to you.
> Online dashboard — Monitor the results of your program and see who your referrals are and where they are coming from.

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