Director's Message: Where is it all headed?

Jan. 9, 2010
Who are the hygienists of the future who are already walking among us? Are you one of them?

Almost four years ago, we started RDH eVillage to provide the best information and highlight the brightest authors in our industry. We have asked survey questions about all aspects of dental hygiene and dentistry. It has translated into thousands of comments, e-mails, blogs, readers, and postings.

I recently read an interview from the late Geoffrey Frost, former chief marketing officer for Motorola (2005), and he talked about the famous William Gibson quote, "The future has already arrived; it's just not evenly distributed."

Mr. Frost explained, "What he's saying is that there are people of the future, already here, walking among us. If you can figure out who they are and co-create with them, you're actually doing a rather amazing job of not only anticipating, but also shaping where the world can go."

It's a new year, and a new decade. What's new for you in the industry of oral health? Are you a person of the future?

Where is it all headed? Click here to tell us.

Kristine Hodsdon
Director, RDH eVillage