Don T Get Scammed

How dentists can avoid being scammed by marketing agencies

July 8, 2014
Dentists need to be careful when choosing the marketing and advertising agency that will guide their practice. References and research should help dentists determine the right match.

For years, I’ve been looking at new marketing opportunities for my practice. I had been looking around for different marketing strategies and decided to hire a marketing agency. I had signed on with a few marketing agencies, but they didn’t work out, and I ended up losing a lot of money. So I want to share with my fellow dentists how to avoid being scammed by marketing agencies.

Ask for proof
If a marketing agency wants your business, they had better be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. You should be able to ask for statistics and proof that they are who they say they are and can do what they say they will. If an agency is hesitant to give you this information, then that should raise some major red flags. Big promises and reassurances do not count. Look for reviews, and then have the company show you exactly what can be done. A company that is honest and willing to show you the proof that you request is a good sign that they’ll do what they promise.

Proper due diligence
It is vital that you do proper research before deciding on a marketing agency. This can include finding online reviews and other information about the agency, as well as asking them to provide you with references from their clients. If you only get a short list of references or if there are gaps between client referrals, you may want to ask why. But you can typically get a good feel for an agency by doing a bit of research into it.

Evaluate how the relationship feels
As dentists, we know it’s important to provide great service to our patients. In order to do that, we have to give them the attention they need and listen to their concerns. The more this happens, the better the relationship will be. This same idea can be said about dentists and their marketing agency. Go with your gut and see how you feel about the relationship. If you feel like just another contract to them, look for an agency that feels right and makes you feel appreciated and wanted.

We have enough to worry about when it comes to our dental practices. Choosing the right marketing agency is important, and you can save yourself thousands of dollars by choosing NOT to get scammed.

Dr. James Ma is the owner of Dr. James C. Ma, DDS, Family Dentist in Tulare, Calif. Dr. Ma offers general, cosmetic, and emergency dentistry as well as restorative dentistry. Aside from working, Dr. Ma likes to read, travel, and spend time with his three children.