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My Smile TV

March 20, 2012
MSTV is an entertainment health-care channel for patient waiting areas.
My Smile TV has announced launch of a worldwide Internet television network. Related information, click here.The network is a multipurpose distribution technology that gives dentists access to key internal marketing services. MSTV is an entertainment health-care channel for patient waiting areas. MSTV’s engineering delivers multiple marketing solutions for dentists’ practices. It is easy to use, and content management is accessible anytime with an Internet connection. Dentists can personalize their individual screens. “With assurance, MSTV exceeds the professional’s demand for a dynamic marketing solution with its introduction to a variety of service options to control and direct their marketing media," cofounder Mark Cafolla said. "Dentists target their media strategies onto a waiting area screen, laptop, Android tablet or Smart device, eliminating DVDs or software installations that often tax their equipment performance.”Dentists engage their patients within the waiting area with internal TV marketing. In addition, the following services are available: In-office patient education (PE On-Demand), referral program, and professional networking established for the professional with their own video sharing and social networking privatized within the MSTV closed-architecture.“The one-time activation fee of $50 and the $29.95 low monthly rate for the many key marketing services is virtually unheard of,” added cofounder Stas Mozolyuk. "As far as MSTV technology requirements, all a subscriber needs is a high-speed Internet connection and a Google TV enabled television screen or set-top-box. As an example, Sony offers an all-in-one TV screen with Google TV and a stand-alone set-top-box (available at most electronic stores or at for under $200). “Subscribers have full control in customizing their messages,” stated Cafolla. "The MSTV design empowers subscribers to maximize patient awareness. Dental offices recognize the new revenue stream potential with an investment of less than $1 a day. It’s a very sensible solution--no term contract and subscribers can cancel anytime.”Not only does MSTV come with a robust video and image library, it provides professionals with capabilities to Import creations, Share with other subscribers and builds multiple play lists. Equipment set-up (a consumer product) takes only 10 minutes and a technician is not required. The MSTV system is easy to navigate and takes less than 20 minutes to learn how to use. The MSTV solution prepares a health-care provider with multiple tools to help become proficient at internal marketing of their services. Not created as a replacement to a marketing consultant, MSTV does perform, though as a marketing supplement. ”For the marketing consultant, it complements their service as a comprehensive internal marketing tool,” said Mozolyuk.MSTV Internet television is today a progressive distribution technology that delivers efficiencies and marketing solutions to dentists worldwide. MSTV offers dental professionals marketing strategies. Easily enhanced, the program library contains extra choices to daily news, personalized messages, importing and sharing creation, entertainment programs, and rebranding.The MSTV service “professional networking” encourages dentists to share their videos, images, and marketing techniques with other professional MSTV subscribers, who now have leading audience-specific marketing tools. Key features offer dental professionals and their staff the express ability to augment their communication effectiveness with patient- and case-treatment acceptance. Here are the “1, 2, 3” steps to getting started:1. Register at www.mysmile.tv2. Acquire a Google TV device (set-top-box or an “all-in-one” Sony Internet TV with Google TV Screen)3. Set it up then call MSTV: (855) 4MY-MSTV. We will assist in accessing the MSTV APP and HOW TO My Smile TV (approximately 20 minutes).For information, call (855) 469-6788, visit, or send an email to [email protected] comment on this product, go to