BriteSmile launches online scientific library

Oct. 17, 2002
Access to studies now just a click away

BriteSmile, Inc., a provider of a state-of-the-art teeth whitening system, has announced that its extensive body of clinical scientific research is now available to dental professionals and their patients.

The BriteSmile Online Scientific Library, located at, was launched as part of a significant upgrade to the dental professionals' section of the BriteSmile Web site. By simply logging on to, dentists and their patients can review BriteSmile's extensive body of research, including recent studies on the safety and efficacy of the complete procedure, as well as specific data on BriteSmile's patented light system and whitening gel. The scientific library also includes a study that proves that BriteSmile is significantly more effective than a leading tray system and curing light.

"At BriteSmile, we take clinical research very seriously," said Dr. John Warner, former NASA scientist who is a developer of the BriteSmile system and the company's Chief Scientist. "With millions of dollars in independent research, BriteSmile has conducted more clinical research, and has more consistent data supporting its claims than any other system on the market."

With the number of teeth whitening options available on the market increasing at an unprecedented rate, dentists and consumers alike are searching for a means to tell the difference between the various systems and products available today. One of the most important ways for both dentists and consumers to choose between the various whitening systems is to examine what research -- if any -- is available to support a product or procedure's claims. Since the BriteSmile Online Scientific Library was launched, hundreds of dentists and their patients have logged on to take advantage of this comprehensive, new resource.

"While technologies and brand names are ever changing, the one constant is a dentist's desire to provide patients with clinically proven safe and effective treatments," said John Reed, BriteSmile's CEO. "At BriteSmile, we are so confident in the quality and thoroughness of our research that we encourage the public to review it. The results of these studies validate what we have known from the beginning -- that when it comes to teeth whitening, no one does it better than BriteSmile."