Kerr hosts inaugural Women in Dentistry Forum

May 12, 2008
Topics of discussion ranged from products early in development and marketing efforts to issues unique to women in the dental industry.

ORANGE, California--Kerr Corporation recently held its first Women in Dentistry Forum to start a conversation among the top women in dentistry.

The event, held at the La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., helped elicit an exchange of ideas and encourage sharing, tapping into an influential and growing segment of the industry.

With group sessions facilitated by women in Kerr management, topics of discussion ranged from products early in development and marketing efforts to issues unique to women in the dental industry and striking a work-life balance.

"We understand that women entering the industry as dentists is a growing demographic. This event was tailored for them," said Clinical Affairs Manager Kirsten Edwards, who also organized the event. "The feedback we've gained from leading female clinicians is invaluable, and we are excited about the relationships we're cultivating as a result."

Attendee Dr. Lori Trost agreed.

"The conference was an amazing 'out-of-the-box' gathering that provided a focus on the fastest growing segment in our profession. It was truly a time of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and mentoring."

Dr. Simona Cuevas also found great value in the program.

"It was a relaxing environment, a meeting of the minds in a collegian setting that broadened our dental perspective and allowed us to develop new thinking processes. At the same time, we felt listened to without any gender stereotypes getting in the way."

Fellow attendee Dr. Rena Vakay felt the event was unique in that it provided new experiences for a group of highly evolved women.

"Every woman there was so much more than a dentist. They were educators, product developers, researchers, editors, and mothers. We explored new products--their development, marketing, ease of use, and how all are relevant to our daily practice."

Kerr listens to clinicians in order to try to design products that fill a need in the industry, and ultimately, satisfy the patient with lasting, esthetic restorations.

"Meetings like this exist to gather feedback. But going far beyond that, you help us tear down a product idea and build something better," Leo Pranitis, vice president of marketing, said to the group. "All of our decisions are based on clinician feedback, which contributes to world-class product development. This meeting will help Kerr successfully design products that have a significant impact on the lives of others. You're part of our bloodstream."

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