Sampling made simpler

June 16, 2006
REALITY launches online version of popular sampling program.

HOUSTON--REALITY Publishing Company, a full-service information resource and product testing company for the dental community, has launched a simplified online version of their popular Sampling Program.

Accessible through the company's Web site,, the program features user-friendly navigation and automated requests for Gold and Platinum users to select products for trial.

"The features of the enhanced sampling program benefit dental practitioners
and product manufacturers alike," said Dr. Michael Miller, Editor-in-Chief
and President of REALITY Publishing Company.

"This program automates the process, making it easier and faster for members to put complimentary samples to the test and manufacturers to get their product into the hands of their target market."

The benefits of the improved online version include enhanced data entry
features and a simplified request process. Members will no longer need to
fill out order cards or mail in their request.

Navigating the Sampling Program Web site has become easier as members will now have more direct access into the site with just a few clicks of the mouse and will receive the benefits of complimentary samples, discounts, extended free trial periods and enhanced warranty coverage.