DentalEZ Group to Introduce RAMVAC Osprey Compressors at ADA 2012

Oct. 9, 2012

Malvern, PA (October 8, 2012) DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, will officially unveil its new RAMVAC® Osprey family of dental air compressors during the 2012 American Dental Association Meeting on October 18-20 at booth #1908.

For any dental practice looking to increase productivity and decrease downtime servicing their utility room equipment, the RAMVAC Osprey Compressor is the #1 choice. The remarkable, quiet design of the new Osprey compressors provides clean, dry, oil-free air in even the busiest dental office environment. The unique blueprint of the new compressors has many inherent advantages over earlier compressors.

With high quality air at a maximum pressure of 115 psi, the Osprey compressor operates at 100% duty cycle during peak operation times. The rocking piston design technology provides quiet operation while still producing more peak airflow than other compressors on the market. This is especially important with more dental equipment than ever requiring quality compressed air for optimal operation.

“Worry-free utility room equipment is the starting point for an efficient dental practice,” remarked Ryon Waddington, Senior Product Manager. “RAMVAC compressors provide the dental professional freedom to focus on patient care, not equipment repair. We are extremely confident that the Osprey will become a utility room staple of the dental practice.”

Osprey compressors are available in either Basic or Smart control platforms:

  • Basic control platform - employs a traditional pressure switch and contactor arrangement to control the cycling of the compressor heads. Basic controls are equipped with switches to isolate or turn off individual heads (as required by NFPA99C) and hour meters.
  • Smart control platform (C2 Control) - utilizes a more modern digital technology, utilizing a pressure transducer and solid state relays to control cycling. Smart controls also feature head isolation, current sensing (head amperage draw), maintenance reminders, fault notifications, and average drain and recharge times.

The dual column desiccant dryer provides 100% continuous supply of dry clean free air. While one column is drying, the other is in operation. Moreover, desiccant cartridges are replaced right in the office.

The Osprey is offered in the following user sizes:

  • OSP22 1-3 User - single head, 2 hp, and 12 gallon tank
  • OSP13 3-4 User - 115 volt option, dual head, 2½ total hp, and 12 gallon tank
  • OSP23 3-4 User - dual head, 2½ total hp, and 12 gallon tank
  • OSP25 5-7 User - dual head, 4 total hp, and 20 gallon tank
  • OSP28 8-11 User - triple head, 6 total hp, and 30 gallon tank

The new compressors are also compatible with RAMVAC’s On Wall Logistics (OWL) center and multiple units can be easily linked together.

For more information about RAMVAC Osprey Compressors and all DentalEZ products and services, please visit www.dentalez.com or call 1-866-DTE-INFO.