GC to reach Excellence Award top 10 finalist status

Oct. 28, 2013

GC Europe is proud to become one of the official 10 champions for the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) Excellence Award 2013. From 30,000 organisations implementing the EFQM Excellence Model worldwide, GC Europe is the first dental company in the world to reach top 10 finalist status.

The EFQM assessors were particularly impressed by the main purpose of GC: GC's strong customer and end-user orientation, also clearly stated in the company's mission statement: “to improve the dental health of patients around the world with high-quality dental products,” Marc Amblard, Chief Executive Officer of EFQM, comments. “This mission has not been changed in 92 years. GC Europe wants to reach more patients in Europe with innovative, high-quality and minimal-intervention products. The “GC No Kokoro” philosophy guarantees that profit and growth will never overtake the original mission that is clearly focused onto the health of patients. This approach and the fact that GC is family-owned clearly distinguishes GC from all its main competitors.”

Eckhard Maedel, President of GC Europe: "We are delighted to be recognized for our great efforts, and we are convinced we’ll inspire others. This award will give additional strength to our resolve to move on with our journey to excellence."
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