Downloadable dental form: Oral cancer visual screening detection consent form

Downloadable dental forms helps dental offices connect with patients. By reading what is expected of them, patients have a clearer understanding of what their dental practice offers.

Nov 23rd, 2016
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This month’s featured downloadable dental form is the (D043) oral cancer screening visual detection consent form.

Oral cancer screenings are not typically reimbursed by dental insurance plans. This is why I created this month’s downloadable form, which can be integrated into your new patient packet.

In this form I have used OralID as the method of choice for oral cancer screening visual detections. But keep in mind that this downloadable form can be customized to suit your office method of choice, such as Velscope, Vizilite, or OralID. Just fill in your office’s information on the form, including desired fee, and get to printing and sharing with your patients.

Click here or on the image below to download your form now. And visit DIQ’s new Downloadable Dental Forms section soon. In the meantime, here are some of our past forms.

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