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Your dental practice can make a big impact on a small budget

April 1, 2016
Don't have a huge budget for your dental practice? No worries. Finding the right dental software at the right price can have a huge impace on your front office team's productivity and your practice's bottom line.
Maximizing your dental office productivity on a budget is key to running a successful and profitable dental practice. With inexpensive practice management software that offers effective digital tools, you can increase office productivity while maximizing the efficiency of your limited office staff.

Make the most of your front office staff
Many dentists have told me they didn’t realize just how essential the performance of their front office staff was before they started their practice. This team can make or break your dental practice. They’re the first contact patients have with your office. They’re the ones greeting patients, handling patient information, collecting payments, and much more.

It’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed with mundane tasks. But if you have an effective and practical yet powerful dental software designed to handle many of the front office tasks, it will reduce your staff’s stress and give them enough time to complete all their important office duties.

Rather than spending hours each day on the phone confirming appointments, dealing with back and forth calls, or being placed on hold with insurance companies, the front office team can focus on patients because the software will perform the mundane tasks for them.

What if your practice management software could automatically send appointment reminders to patients via email or text? What if it tracked all your insurance claims, giving you access to eligibility reports with the click of the mouse? What if it could simplify the claims process by creating, validating, and electronically sending claims within the software? This would reduce the number of rejected claims and help your office get paid faster.

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Having several employees spend an afternoon printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping, and mailing envelopes is a non-billable task. It’s a tedious job that people are paid to do, but it brings little or no revenue to the practice. What if your practice management software allowed for electronic billing, creating and sending statements electronically? What if after you’ve sent your statements, you can print out a report that shows you not only how many statements were sent, but also the total dollar amount sent? This would give the doctor and front office team projected income for the practice.

Because practice management software streamlines scheduling, insurance, and billing processes, the practice can get by with a smaller front office staff and still remain on task with all front office responsibilities.

Ensure maximum office efficiency
Besides making the front office staff more efficient, the right dental software enables your practice to operate at a higher level of organization and efficiency. With streamlined processes, automated data backups, effective patient communications, and electronic records, your office can get more done in less time and decreaes the likelihood of human error. The team will spend less time correcting errors in insurance claims or patient files because everything is more accurate.

With the right dental practice management software, which does not need to be expensive, you can improve the practice’s speed, efficiency and accuracy, which allows the practice to make a big impact on a small budget.

For more tips on becoming productive with practice management software, download the free eBook “5 Ways to Increase Your Practice Productivity.”

Ghajiibah Q. Campbell has been a certified trainer and instructor on Dentrix Dental Systems and Easy Dental Practice Management software for the past 20 years. She has been recognized for excellence with the 2008 Trainer of the Year award and the 2011 Workshop Instructor of the Year award. Ghajiibah currently presents Easy Dental and Dentrix Insight Seminars, in-office trainings and remote trainings.