New book released about basics of dental lasers

In his new book, Jeffrey G. Manni addresses basic dental laser information

Laser Book

Jeffrey G. Manni saw a need and pursued it. Lasers in medicine can be a bit of an intimidating subject, but Manni has a way of explaining them so that almost anyone can understand and even enjoy the subject. Manni recently released his new book, Basic Aspects of Medical and Dental Lasers, which provides tutorials for the non-laser-technical reader on the basic aspects of medical and dental lasers, laser delivery systems used in laser medicine and surgery, and how laser light interacts with biological tissue.

Laser Book"The books I've written about lasers in medicine in the last few years have been well received, especially the tutorial sections," Manni said. "I thought a book featuring laser tutorials would work well for the medical and dental markets. For those with an interest in lasers, this is a good book, even for students. Even high school and college students who may be thinking of a career in medicine will find this book useful."

Manni is a laser engineer who wrote his first book about lasers in medicine in 1993. His next book was Dental Application of Advanced Lasers, which he updated regularly. He says that the use of mathematics is kept to a minimum in the new book, and the math is simple.

"The tutorials are recommended reading by the Academy of Laser Dentistry for dentists and hygienists preparing for their certification exams.," he said. "And we're able to offer it for about half the price of my first books so it's more accessible."

As a laser engineer, Manni specializes in lasers for biomedical and biotechnology instrumentation, laser microscopy, and laser-based displays.

The book is available on in paperback for $49.50, or as an ebook for $29.95.

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