Ask Dr. Christensen: Is dentistry still a viable and desirable career choice?

Dr. Christensen firmly believes the research, which reveals that a career in dentistry is indeed still viable.

Dr. Gordon Christensen is asked this question a lot — Is dentistry still a viable and desirable career choice? He asks in return, "How do YOU feel about dentistry?" The research shows that most dentists are very satisfied with what they’re doing.

Dr. Christensen's answer is a resounding YES, dentistry is still a viable choice for your career. Are people going to quit eating sweet things? No! Also, there is always something new and exciting going on in the field of dentistry with lots of new products and techniques to keep what dentists do each day interesting. Not to mention how dentists improve the quality of life for so many people.

Dr. Christensen does not see a time when there will be a significant decrease in what dentists do. Caries, periodontal disease, and occlusal disease are rampant and will continue to be so.

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