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Have a dental practice transition question? Who doesn’t? Get some answers here (VIDEO)

July 8, 2016
In this new video, Dr. Chris Salierno highlights another reason that dentists will want to attend the upcoming DE's Principles of Practice Management Conference Sept. 23-24—practice transitions.

In anticipation of the upcoming DE’s Principles of Practice Management Conference Sept. 23-24, Dr. Chris Salierno highlights a very popular topic with DE readers: practice transitions.

Whether you’re starting your first practice, absorbing a practice, or preparing to sell your practice and retire, Dental Economics and the upcoming DE’s Principles of Practice Management Conference has something for you.

In this video Dr. Salierno talks about his three favorite recent practice transition articles in Dental Economics. These include “Finding the perfect practice opportunity as a new dentist” by Eric Childs, DDS. Dr. Childs gives a very personal look at all the different types of practices he’s worked in, from owning his own practice to working for others, and ultimately what worked best for him and why.

Another one of Dr. Salierno’s favorites is by Maria Melone, who specializes in helping dentists absorb other practices, entitled “Practice growth: What are your options.” The article discusses absorbing a second practice and much more. He notes that Ms. Melone is very experienced in working with dentists who are undergoing practice transitions.

Dr. Salierno then takes note of the popular column Transitions Roundtable. In a recent one the question was whether to keep or break away from PPOs. This is a very timely discussion among dentists. One of the two who answered, Dr. Tom Snyder, warns those dentists considering dropping PPOs to put a lot of thought into it before making such a large decision. Dr. Snyder is one of the featured speakers at the Principles of Practice Management conference.

These are just a sampling of the discussions that will take place at the conference, which is designed to help dentists address all of their practice management questions in one place. They’ll hear from many of the experts who write for Dental Economics.