Poll: Women should have ultrasound choice

Commissioned report says majority believe women seeking abortions have right to view ultrasound.

Grassfire.org, a national issues advocacy organization, has released the results of a national scientific poll that reveals 77 percent of Americans believe women seeking abortions have the right to view an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby.

"Americans are saying resoundingly that women seeking abortions have a
right to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby," says Steve Elliott, President of Grassfire.or , one of the nation's largest grassroots conservative organizations with one million active team members. "It is time Congress take action to secure this right for women across the country."

In addition to the poll, Grassfire.org also has drafted model legislation that would secure this right. Called the "Women's Ultrasound Choice Act," this bill is modeled after Indiana legislation that ensures women are informed of their right to view their ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. Once informed, women then have the choice to request access to this medical information.

"Ultrasounds are regularly performed in abortion clinics to diagnose pregnancy and determine gestation," says Elliott. "This proposal expands a woman's right to informed choice by giving her access to this important medical information."

The survey was conducted Oct. 16-17 as part of the periodic national
Grassfire Tracking Poll. The survey question stated, "Do you think women
seeking abortions should have the right to view an ultrasound and hear the heartbeat of their unborn baby?"

More than 3 in 4 (77 percent) of those responding said they agreed with the statement.

The Grassfire Tracking Poll surveyed by telephone a national random sample of 763 citizens. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3.55 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

For complete results of the Grassfire Tracking Poll or to access a copy of
Grassfire's proposed legislation, contact Grassfire.org.

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