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Sultan available in gallon size

Jan. 4, 2012
Sultan Healthcare offers bulk size for Moist SURE Lotion Soap. 
HACKENSACK, New Jersey – Moist SURE, a line of hand hygiene products designed for health-care professionals, has announced a new edition to the line that addresses the demand for a bulk offering.Sultan Healthcare now offers a one-gallon size in the highly rated Moist SURE Lotion Soap. Moist SURE Lotion Soap is a smooth and soft antimicrobial handwash that contains .5% triclosan. Its clinically mild formulation has a pleasant, light fragrance. The product's clinical data provides efficacy that dental workers need but without the drying effects of many products available on the market. Additionally, Moist SURE soaps and sanitizers meet FDA proposed requirements for a health-care personnel handwash. Another look at the 2011 Dental Assisting Digest salary surveyMoist SURE products continue to provide professional-level protection in fighting the spread of infection while also improving hand hygiene compliance. In addition to lotion soap, other hand hygiene products include:Moist SURE Liquid Sanitizer: A powerful, 63% isopropyl alcohol sanitizer that’s clinically proven to moisturize as well as a lotion. It kills MRSA and VRE in five seconds.Moist SURE Foaming Sanitizer: A 62% ethyl alcohol foaming sanitizer that’s as effective as 4% chlorhexidine gluconate surgical scrub, yet gentle, that it keeps skin hydrated for up to two hours after application.Moist SURE Foaming Soap: A clinically mild, foaming health-care personnel handwash with .75% triclosan. Its performance is comparable to a 4% chlorhexidine hand soap. Moist SURE Lotion: A skin conditioner with long-lasting moisturizing effect, even through several hand washes.Moist SURE Automatic Dispenser: A touch-free, contained dispensing system that minimizes cross contamination. For use with both Moist SURE Lotion Soap and Moist SURE Liquid Sanitizer.For more information, visit comment on this product, go to