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Jan. 1, 2006

Revolutionary digital sensor holder

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The ClikRay™ from ClikTech, Inc. is a totally new system for taking radiographs with any dental media. This device is unique because it allows the user to complete an entire full-mouth series including bitewing films with just one instrument and no set-up changes for different exposures. This radiographic series can be taken with most size 2 digital sensors, X-ray film, and PSP plates. The ability to use all three radiographic media with the same device allows dental offices ease of transition from film to digital radiography.

The system is composed of the ClikRay “U” holder and ClikGuide™ “G” cone guide ring and rod set. In addition to Parallel Cone Technique, the ClikRay alone may be used for traditional bisecting angle radiographs. It is durable and fully autoclavable.

For more information, call (877) 251-0594 or visit

Satelec® SP Newtron® ultrasonic scaler from A-dec

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The Satelec SP Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler is now available as an integrated option for A-dec 500® delivery systems. Integrating seamlessly into the delivery system, the SP Newtron features automatic frequency control, intelligent feedback, and vibration frequency regulation in real time. It offers the widest range of power available, allowing more dental treatment applications such as perio, root-planing, endo, retreatment, surgery, and more.

The SP Newtron’s intelligent power control system that adjusts instantan-eously to resistance encountered at the tip, resulting in more consistent and precise tip vibration. A wider frequency range continuously adapts the vibration of the tip, optimizing performance and resulting in less tip wear. Amplitude control provides smooth vibration throughout the procedure.

The SP Newtron can be controlled remotely with the optional A-dec 500 deluxe touchpad, and comes complete with a handpiece cord, light gray autoclavable handpiece, autoclavable wrench, No. 1, No. 2, and No. 10P tips, and a small, blue autoclavable box.

For more information, visit or call (800) 547-1883.

DentalEZ® rings in New Year with expanded 2006 product catalog

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DentalEZ Group announces the availability of its 2006 product catalog, which includes listings for four distinct product brands - StarDental®, DentalEZ®, CustomAir®, and RAMVAC®.

Last year was distinguished by an unprecedented amount of new product launches - NextGen™ work stations, expanded Solara® Series titanium high-speed handpieces, Prophy Star® II hygiene handpiece, and the Prophy Hygiene Pack. All are now included in the new catalog.

In addition, the 2006 catalog includes a more user-friendly utility products section. To request a copy or literature about specific DentalEZ® Group products, visit and then click on the “contact us” section.

Exclusive coffee table book for dental history buffs!

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“Hogbristles, Hucksters & Radioactive Paste,” a nostalgic journey and a visual celebration of both dental history and postcards, is by authors Curtis P. Hamann, MD, and Ben Z. Swanson, Jr., DDS, M.Phil. The gorgeous book offers a fascinating look at the history of the postcard and its impact on communication in dentistry. Lavish, four-color images, memorable quotes, and inviting commentary tell a visual tale of postcards as a means of communication as a collectible as well as a vital piece of dental history. The hard-bound, 195-page book features more than 500 full-color images, humorous and interesting dental facts, and a five-century dental time line.

This one-of-a-kind book is ideal for gift giving. “Hogbristles, Hucksters & Radioactive Paste” is available for $49.95 (Item #101058), exclusively from SmartPractice. Call today to preorder at (800) 522-0800.

Doc’s Duds antimicrobial apparel

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Doc’s Duds announces its classically styled portfolio of antimicrobial lab coats for discerning health care professionals. The new product line represents the first synthesis of fashion and function using a state-of-the-art antimicrobial fabric. The garments have been specifically designed and manufactured with a yarn whose mechanism of action inhibits the spread of bacterial and fungal nosocomial infections.

The current line includes three lab coat designs for women in even sizes 4 to 18. They are available in white, navy blue, and khaki. For men, Doc’s Duds offers a single design at this time, which is available in white in even sizes 38 to 46. Fully functional and esthetically pleasing, each garment has been crafted with quality fabric, workmanship, and careful attention to detail. The company also offers custom embroidery options to further personalize each garment.

For more details or to order, visit or call (732) 219-0060.

New reward stickers for kids!

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Ancom’s new Children’s Reward Labels are a fun way to make your young patients feel special after each visit. Ten different colorful designs have cute graphics from toads to princesses. Dental-specific messages proclaim a great checkup or a cavity-free patient. All-purpose messages announce healthy kids or good patients. The 1¾” round labels are sold in rolls of 100, and can be combined into a convenient kit of five different style rolls in a handy cardboard display container. Ancom carries a complete line of quality filing systems and front-office supplies.

For more information, call (800) 845-9010, or visit

Sunstar Butler upgrades GUM® specialty toothbrush line

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Sunstar Butler recently completed the full conversion of its GUM specialty toothbrush line to new ergonomically designed, vibrant-colored handles. The update of the Sulcus two-row toothbrush completed the transition, which also includes the popular End-Tuft and Ortho brushes.

The new handle comes with a soft, raised thumb-grip for easy maneuvering and soft, raised thumb ridges on both sides for comfort. Sunstar Butler also offers custom imprinting on all specialty toothbrushes. The improved brushes are available without a price increase. With a toothbrush to fit every oral care need, the GUM specialty line of toothbrushes also includes the Delicate postsurgical toothbrush, ideal for postsurgical cleaning, or in the presence of aphthous ulcers, mouth irritations, extractions, implants, and grafts. The GUM specialty line is available to both professionals and consumers. For more information, visit or call (800) 528-8537.

Free CD featuring Dr. Louis Malcmacher

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CareCredit® is offering free to practices, a new educational audio CD titled, “Managing Practice Overhead,” featuring Dr. Louis Malcmacher. In addition to being a practicing dentist with three offices in Cleveland, Ohio, Dr. Malcmacher is an internationally recognized speaker. He also is a published author and a monthly columnist for Dental Economics.

In the CD, Dr. Malcmacher discusses how he has achieved and maintained his practice overhead at 45 percent, which is lower than the national average - estimated at 70 percent. Based on the overriding principle of “Time is Money,” Dr. Malcmacher provides proven techniques for reducing and managing overhead costs including when and where to buy supplies and equipment, what technology to invest in, and increasing production per patient.

For more information or to request your complimentary copy of Dr. Malcmacher’s audio CD, call CareCredit at (800) 300-3046 ext. 4519 (new enrollment) or (800) 859-9975 (if already enrolled).

New Quala dental product catalog from ADC

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American Dental Cooperative (ADC) announces a new Quala dental products catalog containing hundreds of product offerings under 13 categories, providing value and competitive pricing. The 28-page catalog is offered exclusively by authorized distributor members of ADC - 24 independent dental dealers across the United States and Canada. The full-color graphic content highlights the full Quala line, including many new product additions such as Surgical Instruments and Ultrasonic Inserts.

The new product offerings are in response to high customer demand for the Quala brand of products. American Dental Cooperative is a subsidiary of National Distribution & Contracting, Inc. Visit to locate a dealer near you.

Delton® Seal-N-Glo™ Pit & Fissure Sealant

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Delton - the most trusted name in pit and fissure sealants - now offers a product which eliminates the guesswork involved with placing sealants and confirming placement during recall appointments. Delton Seal-N-Glo Illuminating Pit & Fissure Sealant is a 38 percent filled, syringe-delivered, opaque sealant with fluoride. Through the use of a UV pen light, Seal-N-Glo fluoresces a blue/white color. The fluorescent glow provides clinicians with a visual verification of the sealant margins at the time of placement and offers the easiest way to verify retention and inspect margins during patient recall appointments. Unlike other products on the market, Seal-N-Glo’s fluorescent technology is valuable throughout the lifetime of the sealant.

For more information, call your DENTSPLY dealer, or call (800) 989-8825 (east) or (800) 800-2888 (west).

Handler Consumables introduces POLISHCIDE

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Handler Consumables, LLC, announces an innovative new product - POLISHCIDE. POLISHCIDE is a disposable pumice polishing compound containing a safe and effective cleaning agent. Annoying odor-causing bacteria are compromised by changing your pumice daily. POLISHCIDE is available in a new, disposable kit (patent pending), which includes a tray that fits into any splash hood, ½ lb. of POLISHCIDE compound, and a 2” buffing wheel. POLISHCIDE also is available in bulk form for the lab and comes in a 25 lb. container with resealable bag. POLISHCIDE will help keep your pumice clean, while helping to eliminate cross-contamination. It is easy to use in the dentist’s lab or dental laboratory. POLISHCIDE is all natural, biodegradable, and safe. It may be discarded in the regular trash.

For more details, call (800) 274-2635, call your dental supplier, or visit

Slip-Ease® X-ray Comfort Pouches

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Slip-Ease X-ray Comfort Pouches work for film, phosphor plates, or digital sensors. Use one comfort pouch for an entire FMX with the re-stickable adhesive safety strip. The pouch adheres to the film or sensor and their holders to soften the entire apparatus. After placing the film or sensor into a positioning holder or basket, remove the adhesive safety strip and place it over the positioning device to protect the patient’s soft tissue from holder or basket abrasion. Slip-Ease provides maximum comfort, are fragrance- and latex-free, and prevents accidental aspiration.

They are available in packages of 100, Item # SSL (pink). Call Strong Dental Products at (800) 648-9729 to order, or (909) 371-5185 for all other business.

New workbook on dental risk prevention

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A healthy, well-trained staff promotes a healthy, well-tuned practice. To address this need, the new Dental Risk Prevention for Auxiliaries teaches essential patient safety, recordkeeping, and risk-management strategies for the dental team. This 124-page workbook has real-life examples and guidelines for maximizing patient safety and satisfaction, and is ideal for self-assessments, staff meetings, or seminar presentations.

Key benefits include recognizing subtle differences in words to decrease litigation risks, correcting legally unsafe recordkeeping, improving patient communication to improve satisfaction, identifying areas of risk in your practice, and improving the quality of care and safety for patients.

For more information or to obtain sample pages, call (904) 573-2232 or visit

Sterilex Ultra for dental unit water lines (duwl)

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Sterilex Ultra is the only product registered by the EPA to remove biofilms, prevent biofilms, and kill biofilm microorganisms in duwl. Sterilex Ultra is so effective, it is only used once per week overnight. Sterilex Ultra was named “Bio Product of the Year.” Meet the highest water standards with Sterilex Ultra.

For more information, call your dental dealer or call Sterilex at (800) 511-1659.

PDI Sani-Cloth® Plus

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Health-care professionals can count on Sani-Cloth Plus germicidal disposable wipes to kill hepatitis B virus (HBV) and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) when used as directed, in addition to other viruses and bacteria on hard, nonporous surfaces. Sani-Cloth Plus is presaturated with the correct amount of germicidal solution needed to clean, disinfect, and deodorize equipment such as carts, counters, and X-ray units, and come in convenient canisters that may be wall-mounted anywhere they are needed most.

Sani-Cloth Plus contains 14.85% alcohol and is effective against 11 microorganisms - even resistant strains. Sani-Cloth Plus is available in large and extra large wipe sizes, and in 65- and 160-count canisters.

For more information, call Ryan Newman of Professional Disposables International at (800) 444-6725.

New 2006 Off the Chart™ Calendar

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Back by popular demand - SmartPractice introduces the third annual, hilarious 2006 Off the Chart Calendar, exclusively for dentistry. Staff and patients will delight in tension-taming humor, the perfect antidote to stress all year ’round. The popular Off the Chart characters poke fun at life in dental practices in full-color comics that strike a nerve and touch on events both you and you patients can recognize and laugh about together. The wacky antics of the dental cartoon characters bring edgy comic relief that proves, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Order now for $14.95. Special limited time offer - $9.95 with any order! Free shipping is included. To share this calendar as a gift, buy multiple copies for as little as $6.95 each in quantity. Quantities are limited, so order early. Sign up for weekly comics and offers at Keep them laughing when you also order your favorite Off the Chart comics - years 2004, 2005, 2006 - on framed or unframed posters, standard, laser, or supersize postcards. SmartCup™ tumblers, mugs, and toothbrush holders make great patient giveaways, too.

Order online or call (800) 522-0800.

Plak Smacker’s new Bright Choice™ toothbrushes

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Plak Smacker introduces a new, colorful line of disposable toothbrushes - the Bright Choice disposable toothbrush. Perfect for travel and the office, each brush features soft nylon bristles, which are attached with copper wire for extended use. Individually wrapped, Bright Choice disposable toothbrushes are available in blue, green, orange, red, purple, or yellow.

For more information or to request a sample of this product, call (800) 558-6684 or visit

New SmartMouth™ with zinc ion technology

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Triumph Pharmaceuticals introduces SmartMouth, a one-of-kind product that can eliminate and prevent bad breath 24 hours a day with regular, twice-daily use. It is clinically proven. With SmartMouth mouthwash, you can actually wake up with fresh breath - no more morning breath! It is the only product on the market that has the science and double-blind clinical study to back up its all-day and all-night fresh-breath promise.

SmartMouth uses innovative zinc ion technology, invented at the State University of New York, Stony Brook. It is 100-percent alcohol-free, with no burning sensation. SmartMouth’s formula works differently than any other mouthwash. Bad breath is caused by sulfur gases produced by oral bacteria. SmartMouth combines oxidation and zinc-ion technologies to eliminate as well as prevent bad breath.

For more information, call (800) 492-7040. For a list of current retail locations, visit

Biotene® releases new dry mouth treatment

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More than 400 commonly used medications including those developed for asthma relief, hypertension, depression, and cholesterol reduction, as well as serious illness can cause dry mouth. Only Biotene contains an exclusive Enzyme LP3 Complex™, a patented blend of enzymes and protein capable of boosting and restoring saliva’s natural protective action. This enzyme system quickly and effectively soothes and moistens dry mouth while protecting dry oral tissue. It does not contain alcohol or cetylpyridinium chloride, which often kill beneficial bacteria and cause further irritation and dryness to sensitive tissue. Biotene’s gentle, delicious mint flavor acts quickly to freshen breath and neutralize volatile sulfur compounds.

For more information, call (800) 922-5856 or visit

New Interplak® NT7CS Power Plaque Remover by Conair

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Conair, the manufacturer of the popular Interplak line of power toothbrushes, has launched a special sales promotion celebrating the new NT7CS Power Plaque Remover. Clinical research has proven that its specially engineered brush heads with individually rotating tufts help flush away toxins caused by plaque, reverse gingivitis, prevent gum disease, and prevent cavities.

For a limited time, Conair is offering dental professionals the brand-new Interplak NT7CS Power Plaque Remover for $19.99, and is offering volume discounts with free shipping for larger purchases. This versatile oral care system includes a compact, eight-tuft brush head that fits every mouth, triple-action engineering that cleans, polishes, and massages teeth and gums, soft, ribbed, nonslip comfort grip handle, easy, twist-off design for brush head replacement, and a charging light.

The NT7CS can be resold or offered as a gift to new patients, patients who haven’t been following a recommended oral care program, or new orthodontic patients.

For more information and to order, call (800) 633-6363.

Rincinol™ Soft Tissue Oral Pain Relief

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Sunstar Butler announces that its Rincinol Oral Pain Reliever is now available in a convenient counter-top dispenser. Stocked with individual-dose sachets for easy in-office use and dispensing, the new Rincinol packaging also displays consumer retail coupons for the popular over-the-counter soft-tissue pain reliever. Rincinol is the first nonprescription oral pain medication that forms a bioadherent protective coating over the mucosal surface to quickly provide long-lasting oral pain relief and promote healing.

Rincinol is indicated for a broad range of applications, including aphthous ulcers (canker sores); mouth burns; irritation from orthodontic appliances and removable prosthetics; post-oral surgery and other soft-tissue management procedures such as scaling, root-planing and prophylaxis treatment; and oral tissue trauma from a variety of other causes. Rincinol is available over the counter at retail stores in 4 oz. bottles. Professional Dispensing Box Special: Buy 1 box, get 1 box free through March 31.

For more details, visit or call (800) 528-8537.