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Assistants Product News

May 1, 2003

New sanitizer leaves hands soft and smooth

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GelSan is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that is designed to kill germs and leave hands feeling soft and smooth. The gel's unique, rich emollient base moisturizes hands, even after repeated applications. GelSan is ideal for individuals who sustain dry, chapped hands from frequent washing with traditional soaps that remove the skin's natural oil. GelSan is compatible with latex gloves and dries quickly for immediate donning of gloves. It is available in a 4 oz. bottle with dispenser top, 32 oz. bottle with pump top, and a 1200 ml wall-mount dispenser with refill bladder.

For more information, call ConFirm Monitoring Systems at (800) 819-3336.

New AUTO WALKABOUT™ dispensing system

Sultan Chemists introduces the new AUTO WALKABOUT™ dispensing system, the perfect companion to the No. 1 best-selling evacuation system cleaner, PUREVAC®.

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The AUTO WALKABOUT automatically distributes PUREVAC throughout your evacuation system to provide an even higher level of cleaning in less time and with less effort. Working with your existing saliva ejector and/or high-speed suction system, the AUTO WALKABOUT creates a turbulent mixture of air, water, and PUREVAC that effectively detaches and dissolves debris from tubing walls in seconds without foaming.

Simply fill the AUTO WALKABOUT with three quarts of water, add three ounces of PUREVAC, attach the saliva ejector and/or high-speed suction lines, and open the valves. At the end of the day, pour any remaining solution into the cuspidor to keep its line clean and lemon-fresh too.

For a limited time, Sultan is offering a free AUTO WALKABOUT (a $60 value) with a case purchase of PUREVAC (in either 2 L or 5 L sizes).

To order, call your dealer, or Sultan Chemists at (800) 637-8582, or visit

Sterilex® now in ready-to-use liquid

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Sterilex® Liquid Ultra has the same active ingredients and proven superior performance as Sterilex Ultra Powder. Sterilex Liquid Ultra is easy to use with no dilution necessary. Sterilex Liquid Ultra is the only ADA-accepted dental unit waterline liquid treatment. For total dental unit waterline cleansing — THINK PINK ONCE A WEEK®.

For more information, contact your authorized dental dealer or call Sterilex at (800) 511-1659.

Sultan Chemists introduces LYSOL® I.C.™

LYSOL® I.C.™ disinfectant spray is now available with the new and improved Control Flo™ spray valve. This makes LYSOL I.C. disinfectant spray even easier to use.

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The new Control Flo spray valve delivers a finer, wetter spray that enhances surface coverage, for faster, easier, and more effective disinfection. The Control Flo sprayer produces a finer mist with less spray bounce-back, puts fewer aerosols into the air, and won't overpower with excess fragrance.

The Control Flo sprayer replaces and improves upon the bulky Acc-U-Sol® sprayer. The Control Flo valve is smaller and accommodates a new protective cap. With a new bright blue nozzle and cap, it is also easily identifiable.

While the dispensing system has changed, its high-strength disinfecting properties have not. LYSOL I.C. spray is tuberculocidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and bactericidal. It's also effective against HIV-1 and hydrophilic viruses including Hepatitis A and Poliovirus Type 1. In fact, according to a leading independent research laboratory, LYSOL I.C. spray is the only professional-grade surface disinfectant available in the United States that passed all tests for disinfection, including a remarkable one-minute kill-time for bloodborne poliovirus and tuberculosis.

For a limited time, buy 12-19 oz. cans and receive a $12 rebate from Sultan Chemists. To order, call your favorite dental dealer, or Sultan Chemists at (800) 637-8582, or visit

New SplatrFree® Swangle 360® angles

SmartPractice® introduces a more ergonomic tool to make the assistant's and hygienist's jobs easier. The exclusive new Swangle 360® pivots with a "click" to lock into the optimum position — contra, reverse contra, or any position in-between. The result is unprecedented access to hard-to-reach lingual, buccal, and posterior surfaces.

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The Swangle 360 makes it easy to find the best angle while helping the hygienist avoid pain and fatigue in the shoulders, neck, and back while keeping the wrist in an ergonomic, neutral (not bent) working position. It also helps prevent tubing tangles often caused by awkward working positions.

The Swangle 360 is available with Standard Soft, Standard Firm, and Small Soft latex-free cups.

For more information, call (800) 522-0800 or visit

SmartPractice® releases 2003 catalog

SmartPractice® is introducing its annual Dental Supplies Catalog. Mailing to 112,000 general and specialty dental practices in the United States, the catalog features include four new vendors in addition to all major dental brands; four-color, 328 pages with a full selection of products; 11 pages of easy-to-use cross indexing; special offers for first-time buyers; all the latest in dental merchandise — competitively priced; and a custom order form that tracks customer product usage.

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Dentists and team members are encouraged to keep this catalog handy for a year-long reference catalog.

For more information, call (800) 522-0800 or visit

Hu-Friedy's new apical forceps

Hu-Friedy now offers apical forceps designed for easier, less traumatic tooth extraction. The new apical forceps feature thin, sharp, tapered beaks to penetrate the surrounding bone and progress apically, allowing the beaks to firmly grasp the root. The parallel beak design is used to provide many points of contact on the root and crown structure, lessening the chance of crushing or fracturing the crown or root. This new instrument features longitudinal serrations to provide additional non-slip surfaces.

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Hu-Friedy's Presidential® Series apical forceps carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Hu-Friedy proudly handcrafts all Presidential forceps in the United States, and are available in six unique patterns designed to provide additional solutions for your extraction procedures.

For additional information, call your dealer, or call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

New denture line is guaranteed for life!

Precision Ceramics is pleased to be offering a revolutionary new denture system that will allow dentists and patients to enjoy the benefits of premium denture base materials processed with state-of-the-art injection equipment.

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In addition to a very precise fit and a choice of conventional or flexible bases, SuperNatural dentures and partials are the strongest and most fracture-resistant material on the market. The laboratory includes a lifetime warranty certificate with every case.

Established in 1981, Precision Ceramics is a full-service laboratory providing services to dentists and laboratories worldwide. For more information, call (800) 233-6322 or visit

Armor Shine gypsum sealant

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Whip Mix now introduces Armor Shine, a multipurpose sealant for gypsum models. Armor Shine enhances models by sealing the pores, preventing dirt and oils from staining the model, protecting against chipping, and providing a high-gloss finish that will improve case presentations. With a thickness of less than 1 micron, Armor Shine will not create occlusal interference. Fast-drying and easy to apply, Armor Shine is ideal for producing diagnostic wax-ups, study models, crown and bridge models, and orthodontic models of the highest quality.

For a free sample, call Whip Mix at (800) 626-5651, ext. 207, or e-mail [email protected].

Smeadlink® Express File Room

Smeadlink® Express File Room puts an end to missing files and enables file-room personnel to greatly improve service to internal customers by providing instant access to file locations, usage, status, and user requests.

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Bar code technology allows automated file tracking and quick, accurate data entry. Optional color-coded label printing reduces filing and retrieval time and virtually eliminates misfiled folders.

Smeadlink Express File Room puts you in control of your paper records and makes everyone in your organization more productive. File Room management tracks reports such as past due items, file room inventory, files out new requests, pull lists, exceptions, and request audit reports.

For more information, call (800) 216-3832, e-mail to [email protected], or visit

Kodak DMI inkjet paper in 50 sheets

Eastman Kodak Company's dental business is now offering its popular Dental and Medical Imaging (DMI) inkjet paper in a more convenient 50-sheet package of 8.5 x 11-inch size paper, giving dentists a new option for purchasing photographic paper.

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DMI inkjet paper is a premium, glossy paper designed for printing digital photographs, scanned images, and direct digital radiographs. It was designed by Kodak's imaging scientists to serve the emerging need for quality digital output media.

Proprietary technology used in Kodak printing papers include emulsions that control ink dot size for clearer images and brighter colors, as well as coating formulations to promote fast drying and reduce smudging. Kodak papers are also designed for maximum durability.

Order from your dealer. For more information, call (800) 933-8031 or visit

New all-ceramic porcelain — VITA® VM7

Vident announces the introduction of the latest advancement in all-ceramic veneering porcelain — VITA VM7. A recent study published in QDT 2003 stated that, of all the materials tested, VM7 comes closest to that of opposing enamel with respect to material loss and enamel loss. VM7 is an all-ceramic material that exhibits a previously unobtainable homogenous distribution of micro-fine particles. VM7's liners offer chroma and brightness to the core, while still maintaining translucency. Intensives are layered on top of the fired dentin to create special mamelon effects.

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VITA VM7 porcelain derives its name from "Veneering Material" and a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in the range 7.2-7.9, perfect for the veneering of alumina ceramic frameworks.

To order VM7 porcelain or for more information, call (800) 828-3839 or visit

HIPAASafe™ provides solution

Leap Solutions, Inc. introduces HIPAASafe™, a comprehensive software program that gives dental offices an easy way to meet the requirements of HIPAA. HIPAASafe is a single software solution featuring a step-by-step format for implementing and maintaining privacy compliance beyond April 14, 2003. HIPAASafe software evaluates current HIPAA privacy, security, and EDI compliance status; supplies information on where further measures are required to achieve compliance; provides tactics for implementing and maintaining compliance; develops a projected work plan; reviews compliance policies and procedures; and, documents compliance.

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A multimedia training module provides practice-wide training to train and test current and future staff on HIPAA regulations. In addition, HIPAASafe provides an efficient means of tracking disclosures, notices of privacy practices, complaints and their resolutions, business associate agreements, and more.

HIPAASafe is available exclusively through ADC member dealers. For more information, call (877) 559-2555 or visit

How do you stand it? Easy!

How would you like to have a foot massage anytime you need one? Introducing VIBRAMAT™, the first scientifically designed foot massager that you can use at home, in the office, the lab, the shop, or just about anywhere you can imagine.

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The incredible massaging action of the VIBRAMAT permeates through the feet and legs and into the lower back to help enhance circulation and relieve painful swelling of the feet and legs.

For more information or to order, call Ted at (800) 989-8085.

Reduce stress with e-comics!

Do you want to improve your memory? How about reduce anxiety? Take the edge off your fears? Ease stress? Increase interpersonal responsiveness? Fight infections more efficiently? Ward off depression? Perhaps you'd like to diffuse anger or increase staff and patient rapport? Increase circulating catecholamines, antibodies, and oxygen in your blood? Relax muscle tension? What you need is a good laugh!

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Unfortunately, dentists often view humor paradoxically — they enjoy it personally yet question its role in the serious provision of clinical dentistry. SmartPractice believes levity is great therapy! Accordingly, SmartPractice announces the launch of a weekly dental-specific electronic comic strip. It's not for the meek, because you are the subject of the humor!

Sign up at

Hard and accurate bite registrations

LuxaBite is an innovative rigid bite registration material for most accurate records. The material is based on bis-acryl chemistry and combines superior handling properties and a firmer set to yield the most accurate and stable bite registration on the market, better than any other material based on A-silicones.

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Luxabite is supplied in a 50 ml automix-safety-cartridge 10:1, which mixes the material automatically with a consistently high-quality, homogeneous, and bubble-free result. The odor- and taste-free material can be applied directly, offering minimal resistance to closure of the teeth. Good stability prevents it from flowing into approximal areas. Owing to its high final hardness (Barcol 25 after 1 hour) LuxaBite exhibits no compression or flexing when mounted. The contrasting blue-colored record is break-proof and easy to trim.

A free flowchart containing detailed step-by-step instructions is included with your LuxaBite purchase. For further information, please contact your local dealer, or call (800).662-6383.

Superior stabilization of casts

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The CaStix® Stabilization System (U.S. Patent No. 6,142,779) is a new and innovative technology which provides efficient, accurate cast stabilization for articulating diagnostic, working, and master casts. It works with predictable success even when articulating damp casts! The introductory kit includes rigid disposable stabilizing pieces, a high-viscosity adhesive, and an accelerator for instant set. The elimination of articulating errors using this system will provide a benefit to the dentist, the laboratory technician, and the patient by reducing or eliminating the occlusal errors resulting from cast movement during the articulation procedure. For additional information, visit or call (304) 754-5138 for technical information.

Hands-free occlusal marking system

The Bitemaster is a hands-free occlusal marking system designed to securely position and hold articulating paper for marking all occlusal surfaces from diagnosis through equilibration. Attached to patient safety glasses, the Bitemaster utilizes disposable white styrene forceps for precise film placement and exceptional visualization. Patients are relaxed without the intrusion of hands or the discomfort of the stainless steel forceps. The entire clinical team can use the Bitemaster to provide optimal occlusion from provisionals to final restorations.

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The Bitemaster system comes mounted on Uvex safety glasses, with two spreaders and 100 disposable forceps for $119.

For more information, call (208) 263-8189 or visit

PERFECtemp II is now syringable!

Discus Dental, Inc., announced that its temporary crown and bridge material, PERFECtemp II, is now available in 5 ml dual-barrel syringes.

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Since PERFECtemp II is syringable, clinicians no longer need bulky extrusion guns. Now, material for one- to two-unit cases extrudes easily in an even, continuous flow for both precision and economy. Each syringe contains enough material for up to 20 units.

PERFECtemp II syringes are available in five popular shades (A1, A2, A3.5, B1, Bleach), packaged two 5 ml syringes per box; or, choose the convenient operatory pack, containing five syringes — one of each shade — at an extraordinary price representing the best value on the market.

From start to finish, all you need is six minutes to create naturally beautiful, naturally fluorescent temporaries. PERFECtemp II is also available with fluoride.

For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

The Wet Towel: disposable hot towels

Dentists can now offer their patients a soothing, hot towel for clean-up after their treatment — an extra step to show that business is appreciated and patient comfort is foremost.

A hot towel has been used for centuries in the Far East as a symbol of hospitality. Dentists can offer the same hospitality for just pennies.

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The Wet Towel offers the ultimate in quality, convenience, and cost savings. The hypoallergenic, disposable, and individually wrapped towels are delivered monthly. The Wet Towel also provides towel heaters for purchase or to rent. Heaters are state-of-the-art, durable, and very affordable. The Wet Towel provides a full, money-back guarantee.

For more information, call (866) WET-TOWEL (938-8693), visit, or e-mail to [email protected].

MicroPrep diamonds = conservative preps

Two Striper MicroPrep diamonds from Premier are designed with small abrasive heads to facilitate conservative tooth preparation, and longer necks to enhance vision and control. Ideal for minimally invasive and microscope-assisted dentistry, Two Striper MicroPrep diamonds help satisfy the growing demand for more conservative treatment tools and techniques, including fissurotomy procedures.

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MicroPrep diamonds are available in six unique friction-grip shapes for a variety of clinical indications where minimally invasive and conservative treatments are desired. Featuring a patented, P.B.S. bonding process of natural diamond crystals, Two Striper diamond instruments maintain cutting efficiency over multiple uses, since diamond crystals are guaranteed not to strip or peel from the hardened stainless steel shank. Available in convenient five-packs through authorized dealers

For more information, call (888) 670-6100 or visit [email protected].

Hu-Friedy surgical and sutures promotion

Hu-Friedy announces the Precision Performance promotion, which runs from May 1 through August 31.

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The promotion is available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers. The quality Hu-Friedy surgical and suture products include aspirators, retractors, scalpel handles and blades, periosteals, elevators, luxating elevators, root picks and teasers, forceps, surgical curettes, bone files, chisels, scissors, tissue pliers, needle holders, hemostats, periotomes, Rongeurs, and PermaSharp® sutures.

This promotion also includes the new Hu-Friedy apical forceps (see page 70). Buy any five surgical instruments, get one free! Buy any three boxes of sutures, get one box free! Or, buy 18 boxes of sutures, get a Castroviejo needle holder free! (Suture offers may not be combined.)

Receive a free sample pack of Enzymax® ultrasonic detergent with all Precision Performance orders!

For complete details on this promotion, please contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer or call (800) HU-FRIEDY (483-7433).

Maximize hygiene and equipment

Your patients and practice will benefit from the new Waterwise® Model 8800™ countertop purifier. It easily produces up to six gallons a day of fresh, hygienic, 100 percent steam-distilled water for improved control of water quality. Experience superior hygiene, better sterilization, increased equipment performance, and guaranteed quality and confidence in your water for drinking and dental applications.

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It effectively removes 99 percent of contaminants including foreign particles, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from tap water. The Waterwise purifier combines steam distillation and carbon post-filtration for maximum water purity. It features a multifunction clock/timer/filter monitor and LCD readout with programmable start-up. The unit is portable and lightweight with stainless steel removable boiler. Requires no assembly, hookup, or installation. Waterwise Model 8800 is tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standard 62; California certified.

For more information, visit or call (800) 874-9028.

Real World Endo DVD now available!

Learn how to create "machined" preparations that give you the ultimate precision in endodontics. The DVD featuring Drs. Ken Koch and Dennis Brave is easy to understand and user-friendly. The Real World Endo instrumentation sequence means you use fewer files with more precision and get "to die for" endodontic results.

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The DVD is approved for 2 hours of continuing-education credits and is backed by a full-year money-back guarantee. Introductory price just $117 for a limited time. Call Real World Endo at (866) 793-3636 or order securely online at