AXIS Dental acquires Soft-Core Texas

Jan. 26, 2005
Axis officials anticipate six-week time frame wil be needed to integrate Soft-Core operations into company's business model and market strategy.

AXIS Dental Corporation has announced that it has completed the stock purchase of Soft-Core Texas Inc., and the distribution rights to the Soft-Core line of endodontic obturators for North America.

"We expect that it will take six weeks to fully integrate the operations of Soft-Core Texas into our business model and market strategy," said Perry S. Lowe, president, AXIS Dental, adding that AXIS Dental will retain all Soft-Core Texas management and operational employees. "Their industry expertise was a critical factor in our decision to capture this opportunity."

In an effort to position Soft-Core products in AXIS Dental's business strategy, the Company will implement several immediate changes. AXIS Dental's full time field sales and management team will conduct the selling activities, and its marketing and creative services department will handle all media, promotional and product management functions.

Additionally, while some Soft-Core products were previously sold direct, all products now will be available exclusively through authorized dealers.

"Soft-Core products are an ideal fit for our incremental business strategy with our dealer partners, as the only other comparable product is sold largely direct," Lowe added. "As a result, we expect Axis Dental will emerge from 2005 with sales greater than $20 million."

Roy Martin, president of Soft Core Texas, agrees that the decision to join AXIS Dental was a logical move."Ownerships ultimate decision was based on what we know of the company's strong sales, marketing and distribution strategy," he said. "I am excited that now, with the help of AXIS Dental, it will be possible for Soft Core products to reach their full potential in the marketplace."

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