Production of MAC Veneers hits 1,000,000 mark

April 20, 2005
MicroDental Laboratories reaches milestone with its line of pressed ceramic veneers.

MicroDental Laboratories, a leading cosmetic dentistry laboratory and makers of industry-leading MAC Veneers™, has announced its Micro Advanced Cosmetics (MAC) Division has reached the milestone of producing 1,000,000 pressed ceramic veneers.

MAC Veneers are widely considered the best-of-the-best for their unique combination of beauty and function. They are recommended three times more often than any other pressed ceramic brand by the world's leading
cosmetic dentists.

Fabricated from state-of-the-art pressed ceramic porcelain, MAC Veneers are more than two to three times stronger, more than twice as long-lasting, and far more resistant to staining and color changes compared to other brands still made from the older, thinner feldspathic materials that were first used to make veneers.

In addition to superior materials, MAC Veneers are carefully crafted by highly skilled ceramists with extensive hands-on experience creating the most natural-looking, beautiful veneers possible.

"At the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), we train the world's top dentists in industry leading cosmetic procedures and demand the highest quality from a lab," said Bill Dickerson, DDS, Founder, Director and CEO of LVI. "MicroDental's MAC lab works hand-in-hand with us to develop new materials and procedures, and is committed to helping LVI further the
body of knowledge in cosmetic dentistry. We congratulate MicroDental on their millionth MAC Veneer milestone, which is a true reflection of their

The Micro Advanced Cosmetics (MAC) Division of MicroDental Laboratories pioneered the high-end team concept � combining the commitment to quality, technician skill, and cutting-edge resources of an industry leader with the responsiveness and individualized attention of a smaller lab. MAC Team leaders and technicians communicate regularly with their dentists throughout each case, from the initial impressions, wax-ups, and temporaries through final placement of the finished veneers to create today's healthiest, most natural-looking and most beautiful smiles.

"Designing the perfect smile is a partnership between the dentist and the lab. Only by working closely together and providing two-way feedback can we create the ideal smile tailored to each individual patient," said Larry Rosenthal, DDS, celebrity cosmetic dentist and Director of Aesthetic Advantage, the advanced cosmetic dentistry program at the New York University College of Dentistry at the Rosenthal Institute.

"In addition to being top technicians, MAC Team members are artistic collaborators who work closely with their dentists to achieve excellent results on each case. MicroDental is elevating the potential of dentistry through its commitment to advancements in the veneer process, as well as its relationships with top dentists and educational institutions. We congratulate them on their millionth MAC Veneer."

"MicroDental Laboratories is committed to creating the world's most beautiful smiles � through creating the best cosmetic dental products, providing our dentist partners with full-practice support and advancing the
profession of cosmetic dentistry as a whole," said Fred Walke, CEO of MicroDental Laboratories. "Reaching the millionth mark is a satisfying validation of the MAC Team's skills, and proves that when it comes to smiles,
more discerning dentists and patients insist on MAC Veneers for the best of the best.

MicroDental Laboratories closed 2004 with record-breaking revenues, representing double-digit growth and the highest revenue in the company's 40-year history. The laboratory's fastest-growing division, Micro Advanced Cosmetics, which produces MAC Veneers™, recorded a revenue increase of more than 30% in 2004, its 8th consecutive year of steady growth.