Intraoral X-ray device launched

April 23, 2007
Optimized efficiency and consistent image quality now available to dental practitioners through innovations in the Gendex expert DC.

CHICAGO--Gendex, a leading brand of intraoral X-ray devices, has announced the new Gendex expert DC, the latest in direct current intraoral X-ray design.

The Gendex expert DC utilizes the most advanced digital and electronic technology to redefine exposure and integration. "The expert DC provides true consistency in imaging while offering unique features and innovative solutions that create greater flexibility in workflow," stated Stanzi Prell, vice president of marketing at Gendex Dental Systems. "It is the next generation in X-ray in a long line of reliable products that our loyal owners have come to appreciate and trust."

Specifically designed for imaging with digital sensors, the Gendex expert DC represents state-of-the-art in this arena while also permitting Photostimulable Phosphor Plate and film use.

The 0.4mm focal spot, the smallest in the market, maximizes image resolution by minimizing distortion, the DC technology delivers consistent results with short exposures, and the new digital electronic controls yield safety and reliability in exposure. These features together deliver repeatable, high-quality imaging results.

Exclusive only to the Gendex expert DC is the on-board USB port that provides easy integration with Gendex VisualiX eHD sensors facilitating seamless image data processing. The port is located directly on the main control panel making it convenient for clinicians to access the sensor connection and X-ray unit in one step.

The Gendex expert DC also gives dental team members new and increased flexibility in exposure selection operation. The main control panel offers 21 exposure settings plus fully programmable anatomical presets.

In addition, the Quickset controls are located on the tubehead itself. No other X-ray delivers this combination of programmable anatomical presets and Quickset.