Vacuum-line cleaning innovation launched

Feb. 5, 2007
New system saves time and improves safety.

NEWBERG, Oregon--A-dec helps dental staff save precious time and effort with its new vacuum-line cleaning innovation, ICV.

The system, which integrates into most treatment room cabinetry, is designed to help staff quickly and easily purge the saliva ejector and HVE vacuum lines.

In just three steps and about two minutes, ICV purges vacuum lines with the operator's cleaner of choice. The system features a simple control panel with indicator lights and tubing hookups. To operate, staff need only connect the saliva ejector and HVE, then press the Start button.

To improve safety, ICV includes an easy-to-fill supply tank that features a screw-on lid, eliminating splashing or spilling during transportation and reducing the possibility of exposure to chemicals.

"ICV represents a simple, yet innovative improvement in the vacuum-line cleaning process," said A–dec Product Manager Jeff Spencer. "ICV only takes a couple minutes to use, so the staff can increase efficiency and save time between appointments."