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The changing face of dentistry

June 1, 2004
Let's go back 10 years. Think about where dentistry was.

Let's go back 10 years. Think about where dentistry was. The esthetic revolution was a mere concept, bonding was in the second generation, and most women in dentistry were hygienists and assistants.

Fortunately today, the shift in attitude, dental products, education, and enrollment has created a wonderful opportunity for women dentists. As the growing minority (women currently comprise over 34 percent of each graduating class, increasing to 49 percent within the next 10 years) is acknowledged, be aware that we hold the key to dentistry's direction and furthermore, our influence will be far-reaching.

Skin deep?

This issue will begin the discussion of "who we are" and define our roles not only in the professional sense, but also identify how we are true to self. Image is a complex topic, but one that requires committed dialogue.

Branding you

To further encourage the identity of women dentists, Woman Dentist Journal explores why your individuality is so important, how to use it to your advantage, and what creative methods are available to share your uniqueness. Here is what we have found that works: practice logo, newsletters, Web site, stationery — all with your personal thumbprint.

Dr. Dorfman's thoughts

Our interview with Dr. Bill Dorfman so eloquently describes his current experiences with "Extreme Makeover" and the impact it has had on dentistry. What a tremendous ambassador for our profession! Read closely his suggestions on how women dentists can benefit from elective, esthetic dentistry.

Woman Dentist Journal's Extreme Practice Makeover

We are actively searching for a woman dentist who wants to elevate her practice and team. A team of consultants and practice specialists are ready to meet the transformation challenge. The practice improvement journey will be closely followed and showcased quarterly in the 2005 issues of Woman Dentist Journal.

For entry information, log on to or contact me by email at [email protected].

Bright horizon

As we travel together through the next decade, sharing our talents, appreciating our similarities, and practicing a new type of dentistry, let us learn to accept who we are. Woman Dentist Journal wants to know more about you and what you are doing. Only you can answer that. So, where will the face of dentistry be in 10 years? Look in the mirror!

Reflect and radiate!

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Lori Trost, DMD
Dr. Trost is the managing editor of Woman Dentist Journal. She can be contacted by email at [email protected].

We welcome letters to the editor. Please email your letters to Dr. Trost. Include your name and the city and state where you practice.