Amtel Text Communication System now available in silver

Aug. 31, 2004
The new color is well suited to coordinate with any office décor.

Amtel Systems Corporation announces the availability of silver desktop units for its popular communication system. The new color is well suited to coordinate with any office décor. The Amtel Text Communication desktop units offer clinicians the flexibility to send pre-programmed or custom messages to anyone in the practice. 

The use of normal text rather than codes or lights makes messages easier to understand and helps minimize errors and increase efficiency. Frequently used phrases can be programmed into the system and detailed messages can be entered on the compact keyboard and sent to any unit location. Amtel personalizes each system with staff names, unit locations, and phrases so that it's turnkey after installation by the dental dealer.

Amtel office communication systems are easily customized, allowing doctors to adapt the system to the way they run their practice. Different tones advise the doctor or staff member of the type of communication: "alert" (a notification requiring immediate attention), "message" (information that is not urgent), and "reminder" (follow-up, daily call-back, etc.). Users can respond with the touch of a button, eliminating the need to handle a computer keyboard, mouse, monitor, or stylus. The system is easy for staff members to learn as there are no complex codes or patterns to memorize. Time and date is displayed; there are four levels of display brightness, and three levels of beep tone. Amtel systems are easy to install even in existing offices.

Since 1982, Amtel Systems Corporation has been, and remains, the largest manufacturer of text message communication systems. Their dental intra-office communication system is designed by dentists for dentists and is the system of choice in dental offices across the country. For an in-office demonstration, call (800) 999-8903 or go to