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Exercise while sitting at the dental office with Evolution Chair

March 27, 2013
Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time are not good for one's health.

Sitting is not as relaxing as it sounds. Current research is revealing that sitting for long periods of time increases a person’s risk of morbidity and mortality.

Add to that the impossible positions that dental professionals find themselves in throughout their clinical day, and that risk becomes more pronounced. An up and coming solution is the Evolution Chair.

FOX News recently interviewed one of the many dental offices that have switched from traditional seating to the Evolution Chair solution. Dr. Michael Radcliffe of Phoenix reveals his "total office" success story in the newscast here.

"I think the Evolution Chairs have been a great little addition to the office," says Dr. Radcliffe. He and his four employees have been using the Evolution Chair, or balance balls as many people call them, during the workday for over three years.

"You can't really slouch because it's all about balance, you have to stay balanced, you have to stay centered in the chair," says Sharon Osborn of Dr. Radcliff’s office. "It's made all the difference in the world in how I feel."

Gina Voithofer, RDH, said, "The problem with my other chair was that the circulation always got cut off, when I sat down I didn't know whether my blood would get cut off from my thighs or my feet, and they would go numb."

"The concept of caring for our most important instrument, our body, is invaluable but often ignored,” said Timothy J. Caruso, PT, MBA, MS, CEAS, Cert. MDT.Regular exercise has been shown to improve postural endurance and decrease the cumulative damage that ultimately results in pain."

As human beings we spend a significant amount of time sitting. A 2009 issue of Women's Health reported the results of a poll conducted by the Institute for Medicine and Public Health.

The authors identified that the average American spends a little over 56 hours a week sitting. Several other studies have shown that prolonged sitting throughout the day may even increase a person's risk of morbidity and mortality. Movement is life and can be a beneficial part of the working day.

Read Caruso’s article, "Dynamic Sitting in Dentistry: Get on the Ball" here.

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