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Patentfax monitors worldwide dental patents.

Dentalfax Es

PEORIA, Arizona--The Anaheim Group, publishers of the Dentalfax dental industry newsletter, has announced launch of Patentfax worldwide dental patent download service.

The service is a way to monitor worldwide dental patents. The Patentfax service provides a list of each month’s dental patents (United States Patent Office, European Patent Office [EPO], and World Intellectual Property Organization [WIPO]) with the click of a mouse.

Dentalfax EsAll of the patents from these sources are listed in one Microsoft Word document, which lists the patent number, title of the patent, and inventor/assignee. Each month, there are approximately 125 to 150 patents worldwide. In 2012, there were 1,460 patents issued, which contained 33,280 pages of drawings and text.

The new service allows companies and investors to monitor patent developments in the dental industry, including over-the-counter products, equipment, technology, and materials.

Each month, an Internet link is sent via email to subscribers of the Patentfax service. By clicking on the link, subscribers can download a Word document containing the list of patents, as well as two folders.

One folder contains the U.S. patents as PDF files, and a second that contains the EPO and WIPO patents. The international patents are written in the native language of the inventor/assignee and in English.

Patent infringement is one of the major reasons for litigation in the dental industry. One way to defend existing patents is to have a compendium of patent data and then monitor new activity month-by-month. Research and development departments in the industry could find this service of value.

In order to accumulate and compile this monthly data, a company would have to spend several thousand dollars a year on subscription databases, as well as expend dozens of hours of staff time; however, for $300 per year Patentfax subscribers have access to this information on an ongoing basis.

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