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The correct question will help streamline meetings

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ONE question you must ask to make your dental meetings productive and SHORT

You meet daily for a morning huddle.

You meet once a quarter for a seasonal office update.

You meet once a year for a dental team workshop.

Whether you lead or attend these meetings, there’s one question you must address that will guarantee more focus, productivity, and involvement. Above all else, it will GET THE MEETING COMPLETED IN RECORD TIME!

That question is — “When we leave this meeting at 3 p.m. (insert time your meeting ends), what will have made our time together successful?”

Here’s what you’ve accomplished with that question:

1. You’ve made it clear when the meeting will end. If you’re the leader, you’ve shared this vital information with your group. If you’re a participant, you’ve helped the leader and other members of your team focus on when everyone will complete the meeting. NOTE: The leader doesn’t always have to be the dentist.

2. You have forced some clarity around goals, value, and results.

3. You have encouraged involvement regarding what will make this valuable time effective.

I recently talked with a successful businessman. I told him, “You’ve been president of many philanthropic boards, and you’ve accomplished so much on these boards. What’s your secret to being an effective president?” He responded without hesitation, “Short meetings.”

The same applies to your dental practice.

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Your Speak For Yourself® challenge: Ask this golden question and you will be a part of shorter and more effective meetings.

Karen Cortell Reisman, author of two books and president of Speak For Yourself®, works with dental groups on how to make more money. It’s all in how you speak for yourself. Visit her website at www.KarenCortellReisman.com.
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