Phillips Oral Healthcare Brings Renewed Focus On North American Retailers and Dental Professionals

Nov. 12, 2003
The leader in rechargeable power toothbrush category completes marketing reorganization to increase U.S. household penetration.

Leading the rechargeable power toothbrush category with burgeoning double-digit sales growth, Philips Oral Healthcare (POHC), a division of Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG), recently announced that it has completed a major reorganization as part of a global company initiative. The result will drive accelerated growth in the North American (N.A.) region. As part of this effort, POHC N.A. will focus on identifying new ways to meet the needs of its retailers and dental professional customers to further expand its household penetration as the #1 most recommended power toothbrush.

As household penetration of power toothbrushes continues to grow, POHC plans to be at the forefront driving consumer demand for clinically advanced oral care products recommended by their dental professionals. At the core of POHC's global strategy is to open the lines of communication between its senior management team and retailers, to better facilitate partnerships, as well as help to promote high quality retail advertising and merchandising to drive oral care category growth during the busiest retail seasons, from Mother's Day, back-to-school, to the end of year holiday gift giving time.

"We began laying the groundwork for the reorganization this summer, which set the foundation for our business leading up to the busy holiday season, which is our #1 sales period," said Jim Judge, POHC's newly appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager who will oversee all related activities for North America, including Canada. "Last December, Sonicare achieved the #1 position in the total power toothbrush category,� outselling all other rechargeable and battery toothbrushes according to IRI data. In fact, our point-of-sale was up over 50% from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and we look forward to similar results this holiday season."

POHC N.A. has integrated itself into one core team uniting their Professional Relations, Consumer and Professional Marketing, and Sales together to better serve its North American customers, including dental professionals, retailers, and consumers. Judge's management team includes Kathleen Moosa who has been promoted to Vice President of U.S. Sales; and Jay McCulloch, promoted to Senior Director and responsible for U.S. Marketing.

Core team members on the North American professional side include Juliana Kim as Director of Professional Relations and Education, who will continue to develop key relationships with the dental professional community and work with key industry opinion leaders.

"With more than 50 percent of Sonicare retail sales driven by dental professional recommendations, a cornerstone of our business is enhancing our relationships with dental professionals," said Jay McCulloch. "Heavily leveraging the insight and information provided by the dental professional community, we are able to deliver the most advanced oral care products that answer consumers growing demand for better oral health and hygiene."

POHC's position in the oral care industry is poised for significant growth in the North American region, as well as internationally. In addition, as advancements continue in global consumer education on the importance of oral health and hygiene, POHC has the opportunity to provide new and advanced products developed in partnership with the dental professional community.

"Philips Oral Healthcare has become one of the most successful businesses in Royal Philips Electronics," says Judge. "By uniting our internal sales and marketing forces and strengthening our dental professional relations, we expect Sonicare to continue driving the power toothbrush category growth."