Readers' Feedback

Oct. 27, 2006
Reader identifies with comparison to Pluto, and another reader offers tip for warming water in piezo unit.

Dear RDH eVillage:
Kristine [Hodsdon] wrote a great article about Pluto and dental hygiene. She inspires me to write myself, and to keep up the dialogue on staying centered on what an RDH already is and does. One way to stop the hygiene/dental "war" is to refuse to engage. Let's market/brand ourselves to the public so they know what a RDH is just like they understand what a RN is.

I'll write more on this later. Great job, PennWell staff!

Susanne Kuehl RDH
Kittery, Maine

mailto:[email protected]

Ultrasonic Answers

Dear RDH eVillage
I use a Parkell Piezo unit and some patients have complained. I used to warm up the distilled water in the microwave, and then put it back into the bottle for my sensitive patients. However, this just doesn't seem to work for some of my very sensitive patients.

My doctor bought external reservoir chambers, and I fill one with CHX and the other with distilled water. The tubing from the reservoir chambers is shorter than the one I was previously using. Now I just use the room temperature water, and I don't have to microwave water anymore. My very sensitive patients have noticed a difference in the temperature, even though it is only room temperature vs. microwave. Guess it all depends on how long the tubing is. The longer the tubing, the colder the water seems to be. Hope this helps.