RDH needs a team of dentists for FM reconstruction

Jan. 26, 2007
Victim of Evan's Syndrome needs help recovering from bone loss after prednisone use.

Director's note; This e-mail came in requesting help from the dental and dental hygiene community. If you think you can help, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you, Kristine A. Hodsdon, RDH, BS, Director, eVillage

I have Evan's Syndrome, low platelets, and low red blood cell counts. After a flare-up this year, the only one since my diagnosis in 1978, my oral health is compromised. I have a history of bone loss after years of prednisone use. I do not have periodontal disease and have had prophylaxis every three months for two decades.

What I have now is a huge need for new and retreated root canals, new and replaced crowns and veneers, and a brilliant team of dentists to help this 59-year-old registered dental hygienist look like the person who completed national dental boards and finished in the top 1 percent nationally. The root canals have begun and will be completed by the time you are able to forward this request to brilliant dentists who must be out there, yes?

I have licenses in Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. I do not work for dentists to whom I can turn to for help. They are nice folks and mediocre practitioners with no experience in cosmetic dentistry. I really need a professional "A" team or a university all-Star team.

I really believe this could be a grant or research project for a dental team anywhere in the country, with a published paper to help future practitioners. You can visit the Web site www.pdsa.org for more information and to see how many patients with platelet disorders are out there.

Incidentally, No. 15 might need to be extracted and an implant placed. With my health history it is not convenient to go and just get it done. I would need IVIG treatments, increased levels of prednisone, and a really on-top-of-the-world oral surgeon who can prevent swelling and bleeding.

You must get the point by now. Please use your resources to help me have a "get aquainted" session with dentists or corporations for whom this challenge is as exciting as providing free dental care in the rain forest or to our Hispanic neighbors. I hope to be included in a clinical trial at Georgetown Medical Center next year. Dr. Craig Kessler, world-famous hemotologist, and Dr. Joseph Haggerty, oncology hemotologist, will be by my side to help advise the dentists. I am strong, healthy, pretty, and happy except for this noncancerous blood problem.

I have had cosmetic treatments that have aged. Please help. I know you can because it is simple, although not easy.

Thank you, Louisa