Hygienists committed to a dream: Mastership

April 27, 2007
JP Institute forms Mastership Certification Curriculum that will take each team member's training to mastership levels.

By Peggy L. Sprague, RDH

When you are committed to a dream, truly committed, it is amazing what can happen. There is magic in persistence, and persistence is a key ingredient to success.

In 1979, Jan Lazarus and I recognized that the dental community had a big need to overcome insurmountable patient objections towards optimal dental care. We particularly felt this need in the dental team. So, over 27 years ago, Jan and I asked, "How can we effectively create a path that makes a difference in our colleagues' careers to allow full use of their professional training, and so they receive deserved respect from their doctors and peers?"

Our journey to the answer has been full of interesting challenges and various opportunities. When we began, prescribing four quadrants of root planing was not the standard of care. Establishing parameters for initial periodontal therapy in the general practice is something we've been committed to for 27 years. Needless to say, we're very proud to have played a part in the fact that most practices have adopted the basics of periodontal therapy as standard protocol for their patients' health.

The dental team has unbelievable opportunities to help patients achieve clinical health and esthetic/restorative possibilities. The team can also develop their professional careers while adding extraordinary value to the practice. As their value as health professionals improves, and as the success of the practice escalates, the team can also share in the increased financial success!

Mastership Certification Training Curriculum

As our company matured, we felt it was time to offer hygienists and dental team members a vehicle to not only refine their skills, but prove their talents to the dental community. Doctors consistently ask us, "How do I find the dream team that I absolutely know has the ability to present comprehensive case presentation skills, run the business management of the practice, and integrate the current evidence-based science with advanced clinical skills?"

The JP Institute has formed a Mastership Certification Curriculum that will take each team member's training to mastership levels. A JP faculty member certifies each team member's mastership skills to assure that the student has learned those skills. Areas of mastership include laser, scientific advisor team, microultrasonics, locally administered antibiotic therapy, perioscopy, advancing visual technology, increasing esthetic/restorative case acceptance, and customized administrative support. Mastership is accomplished by training in hands-on seminars and clinical operatory sessions. The mentoring and training curriculum begins by refining the team's support of their philosophy, pre-diagnostic skills, and advanced communication skills to increase case acceptance. The doctor and clinical team then participate together in a structured clinical mentoring and training curriculum.

So what's to stop us from touching the lives of every patient about our chosen careers in dentistry? There is nothing stopping you but yourself. The JP Institute centers its services on helping dental offices provide five-star service and clinical excellence while creating an amazing profit margin. We invite you to call (800) 946-4944 or visit www.jpconsultants.com and ask about our mastership certification, in-office consulting and educational scholarship opportunities.