Surgical-Restorative Resource presents inaugural "Focus on Hygiene"

Aug. 4, 2011
Surgical-Restorative Resource newsletter presents its first “Focus on Hygiene," a compilation of articles and continuing education from several fields of dental hygiene.  Featured will be new technology, new therapies, and new wisdom presented by hygienists, for hygienists.

Surgical-Restorative Resource is a newsletter that highlights how the “team concept” in dentistry yields successful results.

In order to obtain a successful esthetic result in implant and cosmetic dentistry, communication among the members of the dental team is crucial. The traditional members of the implant team include the surgeon, restorative dentist, and the laboratory technician, with less mention of the hygienist as an integral member of this team.

Proper training and education is necessary for the dental hygienist to become an essential team member and can often become a major reason why patients accept or deny dental care. Similarly, the role of hygienists as first responders in dental complications is often diminished.

This special "Focus on Hygiene" issue will be in emailboxes on Aug. 11. If FOCUS readers do not subscribe in time to receive the Aug. 11 issue of SRR, the issue can be accessed in the enl archives on