Human resources questions: can employees apply for unemployment insurance when the dental office is closed?

June 19, 2012
When your practice is closed, such as when you attend continuing-education events, human resources experts Tim Twigg and Rebecca Crane explain employees’ legal rights to obtain compensation for these days off.

Q: I close my practice throughout the year to attend various continuing education events. Sometimes this results in the office being closed for two weeks at a time. Employees can either take the time off without pay or use accrued paid time off such as vacation. Recently one of my employees, who did not have accrued time off to use, applied for unemployment insurance. Is this legal?

A: Employees do have the right to apply for UI benefits anytime they are off work for a certain period of time and not earning compensation. The length of time will vary from state to state. For example, California has a waiting period of two weeks, but other states are one week. If the employees meet the eligibility requirements, they will likely be awarded the benefits.

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