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CareerVision Dental Network

June 22, 2010
Network helps turn waiting time into source of potential revenue.
The CaerVision Network provides digitally customized, educational programming for dental practice waiting areas. With messages shown on large flat-panel television screens, patients can learn about a practice. Dentists choose the educational content and specific advertising to match services and professional products that are received in monthly updates via the Internet. A customized video profile of the staff and facility is created to help tailor content. Use waiting time to help build patient loyalty and trust while increasing revenue. Imagine an educator working in a business eight hours a day, informing patients about a practice's products and services for only $5 a day. CaerVision Network will save the dentist from being a marketer and salesperson, so the dentist can focus on patients' needs. For more information on CaerVision, call (888) 841-2237, send an e-mail to [email protected] or visit To read more about dental waiting areas, go to dental waiting areas.To comment on this product, go to